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UOSteam / Re: Uo Steam Open gl es error
« on: December 07, 2017, 03:08:57 PM »
Hey man hope you've solved your problem.

I just ran into this myself yesterday after a fresh format.

I fixed it but uninstalling my intel HD graphics driver from device manager and then downloading the latest ones from intel and installing those.

The default drivers from microsoft dont work well with UOS.

Let me know if you need more info.

TY all for the warm welcome.

I've already got heaps of good use from the library and threads.

Many of the scripts need some form of tweaking to work on the freeshard I play but I've been able to play around with them and re-purpose for what I need so far.


General UO Chat / Re: MUL Files
« on: November 27, 2017, 05:54:04 PM »
Yessssssssssss thanks!!

General UO Chat / Re: MUL Files
« on: November 27, 2017, 04:54:49 PM »
Hey buddy do you still have the mul file or link to them?

The links on the forums are all dead.

New member introductions / Hail - I like big butts and UO and I cannot lie
« on: November 27, 2017, 03:53:45 PM »
As the title indicates I like big butts and UO but not necessarily in that order. You are all probably more keen to know about the UO aspect so here it goes!
UO has been with me for more than half my life - I'm now 32 and have been playing UO since I was 13. Thats just crazy when you think about it. Maybe the best intro I can give is how I fell in love with this game. This is a recount of my first month with UO.

I first started playing in 2008 when I was in 8th grade. After a mate explained to be what UO was, I was captivated by how different and 'world changing' it was. Something about the MMO open world sandbox offering and being able to do whatever you wanted seemed so mysterious and different to all the games I had played so far. Anyway so I saved up half my lunch money for a month (spent the other half on basically bread and water) and took a detour on the way home from school on a Friday to stop by the local game shop and bought myself a copy of UO (it was a hard game to find in Australia).

I remember reading the front, back, sides and looking at the design for the whole bus ride home... I couldn't wait to fire it in my Pentium 2 MMX. Even the opening of the box was memorable - The version I bought came with a cloth map of Britannia and a UO Pin (I still have it to this day). My 9 yo bro and I (13 at the time) watched the UO intro and he sat next to me as we created our first character on Pacific. I was on 56k dial up and looking back it was laggy as hell but I didnnt seem to care or know better.

My brother and I literally spent every waking moment playing UO that weekend and boy was it a goodie. It seems like nothing now but we had a blast just killing random spawn and seeing those blue messages saying we have gained skill in XXX. We started in Minoc for some reason and it was packed (can you remember the last time Minoc was busy?) with people buying and selling "ingots". With the realization that we needed money we also took up mining.

The next weekend (we couldnt play on weekdays) was even better. Our first encounters with PKs, banding together with randoms to hunt in Covetous, made our first 10k from mining, made friends with smiths in Minoc who were repairing our gear. The MMO immersion was real. I basically thought to myself I won't need to play another game again!

The third weekend we were invited to our first guild, the Brotherhood of Steel and the guildies helped explain templates and how to gain stats faster. We ditched the mining and moved towards a full dexxer template. The GM gave us a shadow set of chainmail and val full plate set of armour.  2 handed axe was out and silver Katana and shield were in. We were in awe of our toon hahaha. Upon advice of the guildies we explored ventured to the graveyard where we found heaps of others and had a good ol time smashing the undead. The weekend ended on a real low however as we got PKd at the GY and lost all our good gear. We went to bed so sad.

The final weekend, having still not recovered from the traumatic loss of the week prior I swore off the adventurer life (lol) and opted for something more peaceful. I created a second character just to mine ingots and make some cash which worked pretty well. I definitely made more gold mining than splitting loot with 6 others at the GY. I decided I needed to buy a house and have a vendor there to sell ingots. We basically spent the whole weekend mining and bought our first packhorse which made things a lot easier.

Fast forward today - my bro has never stopped playing UO since he started. I took a couple of years off and moved to wow (I think wow totally ruined MMOs btw) then quit that to do grown up stuff like get married and focus on career but recently came back this year. One of the best changes was the opening of the Oceania shard and introduction of broadband into Australia. We started a fresh (with an account each!) and continued to have heaps of fun. We've played on a couple of free shards over the years too during our OSI breaks. UO never really felt the same after tram/fel but it was still fun. We moved from noble adventures to griefing and PKing.

Anyway so it turns out that whilst I didn't mind the repetitive nature of UO back then, I really do now. I hate it. Thats why I'm here! To take the pain out of the game so I can enjoy it for its best parts. I've just kind of accepted that I cannot shake this game and somehow I keep coming back to it. Its still very fun and I wished there were more people still playing it or that all freeshard players weren't so scattered. I dunno, I like it when its really busy and bustling with people.

Other 'boring stuff' about myself.

I'm 32, live in Aus and work in finance.
I love travelling, basketball, eating and gaming. UO is still my favourite game and when my friends see my play it they all say the same thing "WTF are you playing?".

Nice to meet you all and hope we can all keep UO alive for longer.

I also hope the kids of today can experience the same thrill and joy of playing a game like I did with UO.


PS - If you wondering how we kids paid for a UO sub...we sneakily borrowed the parents cc. They didn't even notice for yearsssssss  :police:

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