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Crafting / Re: neo's bodbook filler v2.0 *new* tailor support, February 17, 2013
« Last post by Gaderian on January 22, 2022, 10:13:39 PM »
I can't say I know how to fix this without looking at it.

I know there were several key changes to the system - likely when the other bod systems were expanded. This past summer the S7BodfillerX project was completed and can fill most bods. It definitely works for all tailor, smith, inscription. I believe it works well for most, if not all, of the current alchemy, fletching and carpentry. Cooking it can fill, but doesn't make sub components and there are a lot of those in cooking.
Crafting / Re: neo's bodbook filler v2.0 *new* tailor support, February 17, 2013
« Last post by Hoby on January 22, 2022, 07:30:54 PM »
decided to do some bods again, went through made all the changes.  seems to be working until it goes to target the backpack to fill the bod.  Thanks for any help on this.
Crafting / Re: Gaderian Simple BOD sorting
« Last post by formerlyrara on January 19, 2022, 04:37:08 AM »
Gaderian, wasn't exaggerating, ran 2 accounts and went through 3k bods. I had to swap out books a couple times because they were getting over 100, but it was super-fast no issues. I did all craft skills and from the bods I have, I did not have any misses.

Thanks for allowing it be modded, will do you stated for comment out the ones (iron smith ones) to be removed.

Crafting / Re: Gaderian Simple BOD sorting
« Last post by Gaderian on January 18, 2022, 08:07:45 PM »
I think Inscription may be different, because it was the first one of these I wrote. Regardless, at one point there were 2 ways to determine any Miscellaneous bods.

Either these were defined explicitly, or they were not defined and assumed to be Miscellaneous.

Most of the scripts do the 'not defined and assumed Miscellaneous' when the bod did not match a Large Bod definition.

If you re-order (renumber?) the Large Bod definition and do not include (comment out?) the bods that you want to become Miscellaneous, then those will be added the that book.

Since this was really about a discussion for how to sort BODs, there is also the "Reward" sort idea. I helped MeWonUO with a routine to evaluate points for a BOD. I can't give you his whole scripts, but I can share the routine snippet that I wrote to calculate those point values. This can serve as an example for how to extend that to other Bod craft rewards. I will add it in on the first post when I locate it on my computer in a minute.
Crafting / Re: Gaderian Simple BOD sorting
« Last post by Gaderian on January 18, 2022, 10:46:06 AM »
Glad it is working for you.

I do not believe these could run in parallel. The whole of the #FIND... variables, along with #LOBJECTID and #LTARGETID would be stomping on each other, unless you are using separate characters in parallel. The drag/drop timers would be a mess. I tried to setup a script to run each in succession because I would go collect all the bods from various NPC's and return home to unload.

I think your efficiency comment (3k in 10 minutes) is a bit over the top. ;) It can push about 500 Miscellaneous bods in 10 minutes, but the SBOD/LBOD would take longer. I have run this plenty and my results have been dismal compared to those numbers.

As for changing it - knock yourself out. This is not so much a script as snippets of logic.

I think sometimes people dream about what could be on another authors hard drive, but the reality is there are some great scripts and a bunch of tools to just avoid mouse actions.

The "sort" option of these scripts is worse than even a Bubble Sort. There are 3 changes that I can count off the top of my head to get it to the Bubble Sort level of efficiency. This could be 1/3 it's execution speed with about 20 lines of code added.
1) On each pass, determine the lowest entry in the sort list for the next pass - since reading each one anyway. This shortcut might be in one of the scripts already, but it would be the most speed improvement to these scripts with about 2-3 lines of code added.
2) Keep track of the event property data so it only happens once per BOD in your backpack in an array.
3) Initially do step 2 for all BODs in backpack, then create a list on how to sort those. Add to the book in that order. This is "sorting a linked list" method common in languages like C.

That kind of rewrite would allow sorting 125 BODs from your backpack in probably 2.5 minutes. That does not count removing BODs from a book. I never timed how fast a BOD can be removed from a book, but if it is 1 second then this becomes an overall 4.5 minute operation.

That is about as good as speed gets for BOD/time. The limit is how much can you hold in your backpack. If you want to go beyond that, it needs a more complex organization, but it will still sort at about 125 in 4.5 minutes - just extended to sort more BODs.

Here is a rough outline to extend this to multiple books:
When we were doing the research last year for the BODs, there is a BOD book reading script which uses OCR to get the data. It consistently flakes out on a few BOD names (IIRC 'Summon Air Elemental' is one example) which we fixed manually to generate the lists that were posted. Since those mistakes are consistent, it is possible to just know that it is the right name of that BOD.
1) Start with that tool as a basis to read the contents of several BOD books, then generate arrays for each book's contents.
2) Create the sort (linked list) as another array.
3) Determine in order for each source book the matching BODs to remove.
Now Repeat for each BOD book in the source group:
 4) Open the BOD book
Go through each page of the book
 4a) Remove each BOD from the front to back of this book. Each time a BOD is removed, adjust all BODs after that for a correct page and entry.
 4b) keep track of how many you have removed and before you get to your backpack limit add the BODs to the final book. When done Re-Open this book and restore the page.
 4c) Repeat 4a until the end of the book.
 4d) Next source book -> goto step 4)
5) Add these BOD to the final book.

This allows pulling from multiple books and only handling each BOD once to remove it from it's source book and add it to the final sorted book.

There are still further optimizations that could happen, but most users wouldn't be able to follow the rules needed to get this any faster - because mostly it involves not touching your PC while it runs. :)
(Instead of exevent drag/exevent dropc - go back to the old "event drag/mouse p" method. The major risk is that it lead to client crashes, but the CEOTurbo training scripts use it pretty reliably and get drag/drop times < .7 second by my personal testing/estimation. I would not advise the work required to make that happen in a public script - too many people with their own setup who will expect you to support them personally. CEO did a great job with it, but has a lot of code to support freeshards, production shards, screen setup, etc. If there is a list of "Top Scripts Ever", then those saturate the Top 10!)

As slow as this is, it functions. I think the first one required about 1 hour to get working (Inscription) and the other crafting copies mainly just changed the list for how to order these and the value for how many BOD-Titles there were for the loops. I run it and go cook dinner. I come back and it's done. So taking it to more extremes for me is just an exercise in "what can I make it do?" and doesn't give much personal benefit - other than being able to have a scripted solution to sort a book which holds more items than my backpack.
Crafting / Re: Gaderian Simple BOD sorting
« Last post by formerlyrara on January 18, 2022, 05:33:30 AM »
Okay testing done!!

Larges - to fix the problem with larges not being sorted, i had to rename the skill small, to skill large... that worked.. all the smalls were beign sorted properly into the small to large category.. in the script it was looking for specific word large first (way i am reading it first)  set %bod_carpentry_large #findid .. so recommend changing the instructions to making skill large.. I have to assume that the small to large is sufficient (but can probably change it to small and will work). Will test that next go around.

All bods sorted (didnt do cooking).

Thank you for this script -- SUPER fast and went through 3k bods in literally 10 minutes..

PS dont run the scripts all at once together.. they work, but tinker messes up :)
Crafting / Re: Gaderian Simple BOD sorting
« Last post by formerlyrara on January 18, 2022, 04:28:35 AM »
Apologies in delay of response, was out of town. Okay locked the bod books down on floor, ran script, seems to be sorting fine, with exception of larges, which i understand. Once i removed larges from the mix it works flawless.

This was with smith (sorting 1k plus right now) once done will run through rest of them to see how it fairs and provide feedback. Thanks.

One suggestion is on smith, i use all the weapons to fill and turn in 1 at a time to get a new bod (better faster way to get armor types), do you have any issues with me modifying (learning how) to adjust the iron weapons to the misc bag for crap bods?
Crafting / Re: Gaderian Simple BOD sorting
« Last post by Gaderian on January 16, 2022, 06:21:18 PM »
So the script is looking for the BOD books to be stacked and locked down on the ... ground.
It does a 'finditem DYM G' statement to locate the books.

You have your books in a container which requires a different finditem parameter:
'finditem DYM C'

Lock those books down on your floor and stack them - it will sift and sort BODS like crazy out of your backpack. ;)
Crafting / Re: Gaderian Simple BOD sorting
« Last post by formerlyrara on January 16, 2022, 05:38:40 PM »
Added three screenshots here to assist, findtypes, and you can see what i am pointing at, the books are within 2 tiles of me, and you can see the names on the books.
Crafting / Re: Gaderian Simple BOD sorting
« Last post by Gaderian on January 16, 2022, 05:10:17 AM »
Sounds like the books are not in reach (2 tiles) or are not type DYM on your shard. I never checked if books can be turned and have a different type - can you verify the type for the BOD books?
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