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New member introductions / old gamer trying to get back into it
« on: November 22, 2021, 05:31:26 PM »
Hello. I am Joe from Eastern Oregon. i played UO since the first year it came out.  i stopped playing when world of warcraft came out, played that for a couple years then stopped gaming altogether for a few years. Now i finally have the powerful computer i need to play whatever graphics intensive game i want, and the only thing i want to really do is build a house in UO again....   My former UO career was a bod runner, guild leader and vendor house organizer.  i ran a ton of in game events for anyone to come enjoy, from crafting/repair nights and full blown auctions to Naval team fight nights.  I mainly played Atlantic shard back then.  Now i want to just have a simple life and not so hectic.  i have never been able to write scripts or debug them but i know my strengths and weaknesses and writing code is definitely a weakness of mine.  a ton of my old tools dont work anymore and i have lost contact with my old scripter buddies.  so i am here to try to make new scripter buddies i can help support and have fun with.

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