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RebirthUO / Re: Rebirth UO - OSI Styled Freeshard
« on: July 12, 2014, 03:43:16 AM »
Crome got me to check it out. My honest opinion: Not bad server at all if you are into SA. The taming system for rewards is boss, i tested it yesterday.

Biggest bonus of this server to people on the fence: tinker runics. yes you can now craft godlike cleavers and pitchforks(maybe not a big deal to you guys but these are epic pvp weapons in the right hands :P) and runic made jewelry is something osi was missing for a long time. For an SA server, so far they have my vote. Unfortunately i hate all things SA so ill only be playing every once in a while but for an expansion i hate this server has my attention 100%.

General UO Chat - Freeshard edition / Re: Recommend a free shard pls
« on: July 12, 2014, 03:36:55 AM »
im a huge ML fan, demise is popular but takes them years to get any coding done. I waited for peerless for 2 years and they finally got it in sometime after i quit. If you want a true ML experience Wakened UO is where me and my friends recently started. Some famous old demise and osi names are starting to trickle in too. its slow but steady server growth and pvp scene is all but nonexistant atm. 2 reds pk people but they just have a huge gear advantage at the moment. 80% of the day you can coon unhindered. wich is good if you are trying to get off your feet. All the customs are only item remodels in same slot of existing library donations or champ artys. Should at least look into it before any other ML clones if that is what you are looking for.

Be wary of most freeshards, too many custom arty's can op certain classes. my honest advice is pick a server with 250 with croll stat cap and 720 vet account skill cap, and make sure they have osi str/int/dex hard caps or you will find yourself very irritated in fel.

New member introductions / Re: New here
« on: July 12, 2014, 03:29:59 AM »
Not much scripting history my self im okay at editing simple scripts and checking scripts for the ones that drop your armor.

I have one old chinese doom script that was fully automated with a sampire, but dont think it works anymore.

I LOVE UOGAMERS DEMISE! its not updated as far as OSI which makes it alot of fun!!!

UO history was Pacific/west coast servers i was in a big guild (FL) Empire of the Fallen Lords, we went on a UO tour visiting many servers.

And those are some great ideas for getting her to play :D

I think i still have you on icq from my FL days, how ya been man? Yes this is the real Scorpio. Me and Tremblewick are on another freeshard that just got off the ground, about to set up shop and have a war already brewing. Only been here a little over a week if you are interested. Already got my famous bush archer half geared, also Jasper Raven from CD is supposed to show any day.

Stealth archive / Initial Setup Help
« on: July 10, 2014, 09:25:40 AM »
I am trying to set stealth. I'vew looked through the forums for setup help, but can only find script building/editing guides. What should the filepath for "MUL or UOP" be to? My uo client?

In my mission to learn scripting and needing disco trained i actually managed to edit the 2 parts of this necessary for disco train, seems small to you guys but a week ago was impossible lol so I am getting there. If pewople have trouble with this script read the thread, 2 easy changes and it is flawless. I jammed my pack full of instraments and went to cu's, working like a charm :)

New member introductions / Re: Scorp returns to uo :D
« on: July 09, 2014, 05:51:59 PM »
i remember ya on pac.  Welcome back!

Nice! Who was your main?

New member introductions / Re: Scorp returns to uo :D
« on: July 07, 2014, 03:23:24 AM »

New member introductions / Re: Scorp returns to uo :D
« on: July 06, 2014, 11:58:29 PM »
Thanks Y'all and i even saw some old enemies here already from my freeshard days, already feel right at home lol

New member introductions / Scorp returns to uo :D
« on: July 06, 2014, 03:19:52 AM »
Hi im Scorpio(Scorp or Verbin to most gamers) I am 28 years old and have played uo since i was 12 or 13. I was a 14 year uo vet before i stopped pay on my main account. I have been on Shadowbane for the past few years(since stygian abyss) I grow tired of Shadowbane lately and returned to uo. I'm 90% pvper, 10% pvm (usually just long enough to have my suits done :P)
I have a very decorated career on UO on pacific and have pvp'd with some of the most notorious guilds on Pacific osi, Demise, and more other freeshards than i can list. I just started on Wakened UO, im a ML fanboi, loved the system and the re introduction of viable archers in game. My most known Pvpers on Pacific over the years Was Scorpio(had 2 of em one swords one archer) Jack Daniels (necro SW mage) Captain Jack(fisher tamer/thunter once went red on demise fighting the brazillians on fel ice while doing leviathan, yeah red pvm toon beat that :P)  and Aurora Borealis (archer mage, if you ask me only successful archer mage to ever grace the red name :P)

I was in and out of The Empire of the Fallen Lords [FL] for many years on Pacific. I have fought alongside and against some of the most prolific names in the servers history; people like Dracus, Ooji, Nemesis, Purgatory, Torquemada, Wargasm, Digleo, WORD, Cynamin, Jasper Raven, Cid, Indruella Dawn, Artemis, Artery, Neo, Kan Nei, Kiss, Dark Dobert, DJ Burt, Mercutio, Mrs Black, Baron, Frawsty, PsYcHoClOwN, Mr. Eggy, PkActionBarbie, Tyeus, Dimebag....... these are my notable pac friends and foes if anyone that knows me is here on the site and i didnt give you a shoutout, forgive me its been years since i trashed you at yew gate :P On Demise i was with e. I ran with BOSS, Azog, TradingPvpSkill, BuyingPvpSkill, SellingPvpSkill, A Newbie, ReDkNeCk, and Skorpio(no relation).

My knowledge for uo pre Stygian is emmaculate, i've done everything you can do up to that expansion. I excel in char building and unique ways to make non cookie-cutter builds that succeed in pvp. In my older age I do catch myself PVM a little more, owning shimmer praying for that crystalline ring has been fun. I've been known to get my rear handed to me at coon by raiders trying to max luck kill hoping for an elite cleaver to drop lol I've been dubbed a perpetual noob due to things like that and i own it and enjoy it wholeheartedly.

As far as scripting..... I am an idiot. I can press play though and test script often. A friend named Paradox has tried teaching me but has yet to succeed. I am not just here for scripts either, i know some well known scripters and anything i want is an email away. I plan to come here and give scripting a go again and hopefully get some feedback and possibly make something useful. Me and a friend are currently working on a fully automatic t-map locator and looter, and a fully automatic SoS boat driver. Not too complicated for you pro's but its a huge challenge for me and i think this will be a good spot to drop my new hobby's yields.

I chose SUO over the other scripting sites due to the fact you have to be accepted to download. Thats the type of community i would like to learn scripting in. Thanks for reading and i look forward to giving the community the gimpest scripts evah :D

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