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1 is gone now :(

But, its saved on the way back machine.

And after a hard drive failure I lost a lot of data, most of my UO related txt files detailing bugs was wiped, so that sucks.  But, I really needed to remember how to overload the beetle for heartwood quests.  So, after googling and finding nothing in search results, I remembered the way back machine.  And sure enough after a bit of searching, I found it.  Here it is, I still need to test if it works still, it likely does.

Here you go:

First be in your house or a house you are co-owned to
Next secure a bag on the ground
Place an empty bag inside of it
In the empty bag place as much wood as you want
You will need two people to do this (or double client)
Get a beetle on one character and friend the second character to it
Release the secure bag on the ground
Have the second character open the beetle
then have the second character lift and hold the bag inside the now unsecure bag and hold that bag in the air
have the owner of the beetle place the unsecure bag on the beetle
then the character hold the bag with the wood in the air drops the bag in the bag on the beetle.

Public Bugs / Easy Bushido Gains 90+
« on: January 21, 2014, 09:05:12 AM »
Normally if you try to use Momentum Strike on a pet(s) you will get the no valid targets blah blah.

Well, if you are using a necro summon familiar (I was using vamp bat), it actually counts as a target you cannot kill or hurt and you will gain.  :)

Off Topic / Halloween with Cinderella. :)
« on: January 18, 2014, 10:40:18 PM »
I have since lost some weight, but where is me and my daughter.   And a newer one where she looks prettier.


And to draw the men in, Jessica Nigri as Deadpool!

General UO Chat / Opinion? Re-Learn Scripts or Stealth?
« on: January 18, 2014, 07:01:23 PM »
If I could make a poll (HINT HINT) I would.

So is stealth here to stay? Should I learn anew?  Or should I just relearn EUO scripts?

Short, sweet and to the point.


EDIT: woo new things!

General UO Chat / How are people making Relics?
« on: January 16, 2014, 04:58:36 PM »
I used to know how, but it has since been nerfed.  So anyone care to tell me?

Manwinc told me how he does, but he said it so short and has not been on since I cannot figure out what he was talking about lol.

Stealth archive / Questions on Stealth Config, Options and Capabilities.
« on: January 15, 2014, 01:51:54 PM »
Well I broke down and set up stealth.  So far I like it, however I am having some issues.  With a long drawn out paragraph, I will just dive right in with my multitude of questions.  (yes I am reading tutorials and posts as well)

1. Razor support.  I clicked razor support, but when I start client Razor does not open.  I am guessing that instead of client path being that of client.exe, I put in the path to the Razor.exe?  If not, how do I get Razor to open when I open the client?  (PS If this is answered it will answer or at least nullify some of my other questions.)

2. Auto-Open Doors: Bar none the best feature of Razor, well that and the ability to record macros to make quick scripts on the fly. (Chain casting Wither with necro locked at 0 to get max Spirit Speak comes to mind.)  Is there an option to enable this?  Or does it need to be a script always running?

3. Easy UO has a section in their Wiki with lists and lists of "event macro" and a list of every possible event macro.  Is there a wiki area for Stealth?  (This leads in to next question)

4. I see we can use a multitude of languages for scripting.  Is it possible to use EUO scripts?  (probably no, but figure I would ask since I dont know the language EUO scripts are written in) Or is there a converter?  :p

5. Recording.  Is there a way to start and stop recording to make a simple macro?

6. I can see obviously that I can run EUO with this client.  I am wondering if after I start a script do I need to leave that client open?  I am thinking yes, but I have not tried it.

7. What is the "Undead" option?  lol

8. I see when I open the client there is an area to delete and change icon files.  Does this mean I can change my dragons into drake bodies?  Or even smaller bodies?

9. Finally :) I Asked in chat and have not gone low enough in stamina to find out.  Does the over ride stamina option take away the "walk" when you are at 0 stamina?

A whole new world has just opened up and with this new world comes a slew of new questions.  Hope these can be answered.  :)

General UO Chat / Where should I drop some skill to add Resist? (Whammy)
« on: January 13, 2014, 03:00:14 AM »
Okay I am so sick of dying to Mana Drain, it has gone from an annoyance to full fledged "Rage Hate Cuss Spewing" when this happens because all these low level mobs are spamming it on me.  Here are my skills...which ones should I lower?  And how much Resist do I need to stop going completely out of mana every time a freaking Imp casts mana drain?
(48 Mana)
120 Swords
120 Tactics
120 Parrying
120 Bushido
105 Spirit Speak
85 Chivalry
50 Necromancy

Oh and wearing skill jewels is not an option for me, I don't like it and wont do it.  :)

Seriously, you just dont know how bad this is pissing me off, I almost smashed my monitor multiple times due to this.  And this is not like me to get enraged over something like this.

So what to lower?  Why do you pick that skill?  And most important, how much resist will be needed to just have that spell not take ALL my mana?

Okay I hate talking about it, so search my past posts, I have an illness and take meds, which causes major memory issues (as 12x pointed out in another thread)

So these questions are answers I at one time knew, save for the stamina/ssi question.  At least I think.

1. To gain Weapon Skills/Tactics off a Wolf Spider with 100% poison weapon, you need to be within a certain number of the spiders skill right?  For weapons and Tactics.  I am pretty sure this number is 15.  What is the number?

2. In regards to SSI and Sta Manwinc tried to explain it to me.  I need a chart and some graphs here as its not making sense.  So, first, does anyone got a link to a good writeup or chart?  And if you are using say a bokuto (2s) and have 180 stamina, does having 40% SSI on the weapon and 5/10% SSI rings do anything?  Or are those places where other mods could be swapped in?  Very confusing.

2b. When adding mods for Stamina, does DEX on Jewels add to stamina as well as adding raw stamina on suit pieces?  I noticed str has NOT been bringing up my hps.  Sigh.

3. I know at a certain level, you can start using honor with Bush to get perfection damage.  As I am thinking of dropping Bush, what is the lowest Bush you need for Perfection?  Its 50 is it not?  And does 50 do the same as say 120 in terms of Perfection?

4. How do you guys rate Resist?  I will be reading on it shortly as I am seriously thinking of dropping some skills down to add it to my template.  I detest that damn mana drain spell.  Imps, Rats, every small little jerkoff just spams the crap out of that spell.  And on any champ spawn the ONLY time I die is when they are 15 strong chain casting that crap and I cannot WW.  So does Resist make a big enough difference to that?  As that is the only spell that I care to weaken or block, what is a good resist to have to combat just that spell?

Listen guys, I know I ask a lot of questions.  I know some dont mind and if there are people that are getting fed up with me asking, please understand...This is just as frustrating to me.  A lot of this stuff I knew and knew very well.  My mind is a fog a lot of the time unless I am doing things daily.  Which I am now, but having been gone for 3-4 years and not using the knowledge I had (not only on the game, but on scripting language too) it has slipped away.  The good end is I still know the more intermediate stuff.  I can read code still and pretty much know what its saying.  Well I dont have to tell you guys I could do this before, a lot of you have seen my work first hand.

Reworking the plant Hort script and doing a complete overhaul.
I was the 2nd imbuing training script.
And then there was the imbue max/enhance repeat script.  Obviously to imbue the mods you want to 100% intensity then enhance.  And it would run over and over until you got what you wanted.

I am frustrated that I forgot all this.  I really am.

The only good part is I LOVE talking my friends here on Scripting and UO tactics, so these posts actually do some good.  It gets conversation going.  :)

General UO Chat / Sampire or Whammy? You decide.
« on: January 09, 2014, 07:39:07 PM »
Personally I like Whammy for a variety of reasons listed below.  For those of you who are unaware of what a Whammy is essentially a Sampire with less necro using Wraith form instead.

And having played both for a bit, Whammy much much more, I can say I like Whammy a lot better. 

Here is my Pros and Cons list.  Would love to see your opinions on which you like more.

More skill points to have higher Tactics, Parry, Bushido
Can walk through mobs in Fel.
Dont need an insanely high Mana Leech Weapon as Wraith form has this.

No extra dmg absorb from Swampie.
Slower Run speed.

Whats your list of pros and cons of either Sampire v Whammy or your favorite Template?

Script Debug / Okay next one, it wont recognize when mob is dead...why?
« on: January 08, 2014, 05:23:48 AM »
Hiya!  Me again.

Spliced together and changed some stuff in a few scripts to make something new.

First my problem was, it would not wait till mob was dead and completely keep saying "all kill" over and over and over.  I got that fixed, but now it works fine for first mob, then dont do anything else :(

(Spliced from C2 Ilsh Spawner and Cervs Auto Honor, Left out the TM Journal subs as they work perfect and too long to post ;) )

I am assuming I have to reset the #find, but its been so long.  :(
Code: [Select]
set %spawn NB_XI_EF_WF_XZ_

gosub disco
gosub wait
goto start:

sub wait
if #findkind = -1
msg all kill $
target 5s
set #ltargetid %spawn
set #ltargetkind 1
event macro 22 0
wait 10
event macro 3 0 all kill
target 5s
event macro 22
if #findkind = 1
   goto KeepWaiting:
until #findCnt = 0

sub disco
set %DiscoAttempts 0
if %DiscoAttempts > 0
wait 10s
finditem %spawn G_10
if #findkind = -1
set %spawn #findid
event macro 13 15  ;disco
target 5s
set #ltargetid %spawn
set #ltargetkind 1
event macro 22 0
wait 1s
gosub TM_AdvJournalScan disco NONE jarring already
set %DiscoAttempts ( %DiscoAttempts + 1 )
until #result = #true
gosub TM_AdvJournalSync disco 100

Script Debug / What is wrong with this Enemy of One Sub and Curse Weapon?
« on: January 06, 2014, 02:13:02 AM »
Enemy of One sub works for the first time, next time it goes to cast, it just casts over and over and over.

And curse weapon is not doing anything.  I know I got #hits wrong.

Thanks in advance ;)

Enemy Of One
Code: [Select]
set %scanbuffbar C:\EUO
gosub enemyofone

sub enemyofone
  Call ScanBuffBar
  if _EnemyOfOne_ in %BuffBarIconNames
  event macro 15 206
  wait 1s

Curse Weapon
Code: [Select]
 if #hits < 80
     gosub curseweapon

sub curseweapon
  event macro 15 104
  wait 1s

General UO Chat / Made a new set of legs!
« on: January 02, 2014, 03:45:02 PM »
By far the best Ive made. Resist lower than I would like, but I make up for that on other pieces.

I have not done Navery, Lady Mel, or Primevil Lich.  I have been with a group....but never solo.

I am asking for help with strats because I need a waist slot item and minax arties are too slow.  And gold eles are on a constant script/camper named Sheownsa.  I know this because I lured the elementals away from the room and locked them up in another room and she still just sat there in the middle of the Gold Ele room for an hour till server dropped.  And she attacks them instantly as soon as they spawn.

So, can anyone give me some real strats on these mobs/Blackthorn Invasion?  I used to just look up on stratics and read the comments, but they are gone and no one has a strat on uoguide or stratics.  :(

To let you know my power, I can kill any champ now except for Rikktor on my Whammy.  For Rikktor I log Whammy when he spawns and log in my archer to kill him. And I can also solo Medusa and Dreadhorn.  I once, only once soloed that big sucker in Abyss that stuns you for 15 seconds (forgot his name).  So if you got a strat, please share, even via pm. 

Now I also have a tamer bard I can bring along for discord/mastery/peace songs, but cannot effectively run both so long as she dont get killed should be fine. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.

General UO Chat / Those coming to LS orders for suits! (email me)
« on: December 28, 2013, 11:02:45 AM »
First, everyone coming here who is known to me (sorry new friends) will be made co-owner of my keep and given a rune book with two marks, keep and luna moongate.  I ask everyone to be honest and on the honor system to leave my personal stuff alone.  I will give areas in the keep that will have specific things that are free for all.  Everyone will be able to have their own area and storage.  I will engrave containers with your names if you so desire.

This of coarse is until people place their own houses (if able).

I fully intend to help anyone with weapons and suits who come here.  This is my crafter....

120 imbuing
120 smithing
120 tailoring
100 carpentry
100 fletching
100 tinkering

I DO NOT have arms lore due to imbuing able to add damage increase.  I also know this is an issue when armor resists are lower.

Now all I ask is people email me with what they want.  I will make up to TWO suits if your character meets the criteria.


I will make a pvp and luck suit for tamers.  Email me with what you require, please use the following template...

Medable (yes/no) Do you want metal or leather not needing the "mage armor" property.
140 Luck (yes/no) This is for tamers mostly, but you can also split what you want on each piece.
All 70's (yes/no) Are you wanting your suit to be all 70's or dont matter?
Elf (yes/no) if you want the extra 5% in energy
Max DCI (yes/no) Duh
Max HCI (yes/no) Are you a fighter?

What stats?

As far as jewels, please understand I do not have a large supply for all max, I do for skills (+15) as far as luck, hci, dci, di, mr, lmc, lrc, etc you will have for example 90 luck, 18% LRC.  Because I do not have a supply of everything.

What type? (Mace, Fence, Swords?)
100% Elemental/Slayer Set? (yes/no) For champs.
What mods?
Specific Weapon?

Keep in mind if you request a Super Slayer set, you will be getting a 100% elemental with super slayer for each champ.  This is the following stats...

100% Fire/Undead Slayer
100% Energy/Demon Slayer
100% Cold/Arachnid Slayer
100% Cold/Reptile Slayer
100% Cold/Repond slayer
100% Fire/Misc stats for Fey

These are the resistances I have found to be the best for each champ spawn.  Fey will be a bit different.

So please be as specific as possible and understanding that this can take time.  Anyone who is good at farming a certain thing for imbuing (slayer items, hci, ssi) it would be appreciated if you farm your own 10 items of the specific mod you want.  Email me @ coragin@gmail


General UO Chat / Where is a good place to go sell my Dread Mare FAST?
« on: December 12, 2013, 05:00:44 AM »
I am in need of gold or cash or both.  So I dont mind offing him to the best payer, or cheaper to a friend.  Last I heard the other day they go for 100mil?  Or was it 1bill?  I think mill, dont remember.

All I know is I will go well below market for friends, even if you want to resell it to make a profit.

So where to go to auction him?

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