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*NEVERMIND.  I'm a moron, was using two instances of EUO, evidently that dont work.  Just run 2 scripts for two characters from one instance of EUO. (I forgot you could do that. /bonk me*

C2, if you're still here.  Or anyone if my old  friend is not.  I'm having an issue...

Hit play...

Menu window opens, looks fine, choose cooking, hit Play/Go...
This is where the problem is...
Where it should run to sub to target secure (right here is the issue) open a target, click secure, then target bag in secure...
Target never shows up (where 'right here is the issue') it freezes UO and I have to force close, note: it does not even ask to target secure or a target on cursor, just freezes where that sub is supposed to run...

Or, it could be freezing at 'gosub getvalues', as that comes before targeting secure, Im not sure.  But I dont understand why its freezing UO client there.  Trying to remember my knowledge from 10 years past is not coming back all that fast.

Attempted with UO running classic Razor, UO running Razor Enhanced and running UO client.exe by itself.  Also this is on Official EA production Shard.
Have Polar Bear Skin backpack, though I do not think that should matter.

Thats all the info I have.

Any help is appreciated.

2 is gone now :(

But, its saved on the way back machine.

And after a hard drive failure I lost a lot of data, most of my UO related txt files detailing bugs was wiped, so that sucks.  But, I really needed to remember how to overload the beetle for heartwood quests.  So, after googling and finding nothing in search results, I remembered the way back machine.  And sure enough after a bit of searching, I found it.  Here it is, I still need to test if it works still, it likely does.

Here you go:

First be in your house or a house you are co-owned to
Next secure a bag on the ground
Place an empty bag inside of it
In the empty bag place as much wood as you want
You will need two people to do this (or double client)
Get a beetle on one character and friend the second character to it
Release the secure bag on the ground
Have the second character open the beetle
then have the second character lift and hold the bag inside the now unsecure bag and hold that bag in the air
have the owner of the beetle place the unsecure bag on the beetle
then the character hold the bag with the wood in the air drops the bag in the bag on the beetle.

Xbox 360 / Re: replacment parts for xbox 360?
« on: February 19, 2014, 08:00:37 AM »
Its against their tos to sell any modded console or modchip.  They are total jerkoffs.

Xbox 360 / Re: Ready for the Xbox One?
« on: February 18, 2014, 08:25:52 AM »
Oh yeah and EA, rated worst company 3 years in a row, going for 4th year.  Sorry but any company that treats its customers like they are worthless and stupid, zombies who will buy their products based on hype and will ignore all issues the product has just cannot, get me behind a project.  I do not consider UO as an EA game as it was bought by them pre-made.  But, look at any game they put out, lets look at Need for Speed...I must say the last good NFS title was Carbon.  Most Wanted (The Original) being the best, then Carbon, then Underground.  The rest of them they tried to make into Forza or Grand Tourino.

Lets talk about Battlefield franchise...

BF2 Bad Company was a decent game, campaign was solid and MP was pretty good.  Move on to BF3 and 4 and BOTH are plagued with issues on all formats.  And for EA to say that future BF games will not concentrate on Campaign because players dont care or ignore it is just disrespecting the real gamers.  And there are millions of real gamers.  Little boys who cant wait for the latest CoD or BF or whatever FPS it is, just to play online are NOT gamers.  Mind you there are a ton of them, but they do not represent the gaming community as a whole.  Heck these little jerks would not even hold back a CoD or BF purchase to boycott shallow business practices.  Children that only care about themselves and not the community as a whole.

This is almost as bad as Capcom saying Resident Evil is not a lucrative franchise anymore because the fan base is old!  WTF?!?!  So the older people who actually have the money to buy their titles at will are somehow a bad thing? 

But, I digress...

EA (and microsoft for that matter) have both proven they deserve the titles as $hitty Businesses.  After Microsoft tried to make ALL GAMES riddled with DRM for the X BONE in the way of Cloud and Always On internet connection required, says that "Thats what we are doing so stfu and deal with it".  Only after the community as a whole stood up and said "Hell NO" did they back down.  For those of you who cannot figure out why that always on, DRM and cloud was a bad thing, let me know and I can explain. 

It was that issue right there that made up my mind that I will not buy an X BONE until it is hackable.  And even then I will only buy a used one because I will not support Microsofts practices.  Now dont get me wrong, I dont own either atm because I cannot justify paying that much for such a limited game library.  But, when I can justify it, the PS4 will be my choice based solely on the fact that Sony listens to its customers.


Xbox 360 / Re: Ready for the Xbox One?
« on: February 18, 2014, 08:08:06 AM »
Titanfall lol.

Mechs bullets cannot penetrate walls.  lol

Even CoD your bullets can penetrate walls.  I predict so many launch issues with that game, it will make the Sims look like a cake walk!  :)

Xbox 360 / Re: Ready for the Xbox One?
« on: February 17, 2014, 12:02:28 AM »
Honestly I have to agree with Sick Boy from the Gaming Anarchist Collective, that the One is simply sub par compared to PS4, many games that run at 60fps on PS4 are only 30FPS on the One.  And a slew of other issues.

But I digress....

TM you should do what some of us others do...CFW/JTAG

PS3 with CFW 2.5TB HDD
360 JTAG 1.5TB HDD

There is much to be said for hacking a console, especially the previous gen ones.  I use my PS3 more than anything except my UO stuff.  And the 360 my daughter uses the hell out of 5yrs old she beat Saints Row 3, shes now 8 and beat Skyrim DLC Dawnguard.  Now if I could just get more people to play xserver non-xbox live/psn thing it would rule!  :) 

Sorry forgot the name since I cannot use it since no one plays/cant figure out how to set it up...sheesh not like its hard.  lol

EDIT: Called "XLink Kai"

Xbox 360 / Re: replacment parts for xbox 360?
« on: February 16, 2014, 11:47:32 PM »
Just saw this thread, was wondering how it went? 

Lead free solder, in my experience is garbage!  Also, it suffers more from being reflowed multiple times, I would suggest finding a good non-corrosive flux to squirt under the BGA before the next tiem you have to reflow the chip, atleast to clean up the solder joinst some, and then just rinse with high percentage Iso-alcohol.  And re doing the thermal compound can be helpful too.

Coragin, What equipment did you use to remove and re-attach the BGA?!  Iv'e always wanted to be able to do re-balling at home, mostly for experiments, but have never taken the dive into that hobby.
Reballing for fun or exercise is costly.  Off the top of my head...

Reball mainboard heater - $100
Reball hot air workstation - $200 (ish)
Reball templates - $50 (got the templates for 360/ps3 cpu/cpu)
Reball template and chip holder station - $50

Plus you need various other things that vary in price depending on where you get them and quality...

Board Temp Guage - $35
Flux Paste
Leaded Solder Balls
Various Sized brushes (I use horse hair paint brushes - for fluxing chips/board)
Solder gun
Heat Gun (in case the Reball dont melt all solder balls)
Obviously Thermal Paste, I use normal ceramic TP as the reball works perfect you dont need arctic silver.
I also have various lights and magnifying glasses as well as a led head lamp.

I must stress that getting into this for experiments is not recommended just from the price tag.  Since I stopped doing this, all the equipment just sits there.  I stopped due to ebay giving me a perma ban for selling jtags.  Now any account I make that even tries to sell anything no matter what it is gets the ban hammer.  It dont matter what account info I use as they track all info related to you, address, phone numbers, ip addresses...which would not be so bad except you NEED paypal.  So they even track the info you have with paypal, which includes bank account, SSN, address, phone number, everything...

There is no way to get back to selling when paypal gives ebay all of your information including SSN.  They say that they dont, but there is no other way to track other than SSN.

I used a business account, with a different address, in the business name not my own, different phone number, VM windows account, new email address connected to a .com I made myself in the business name.  The only thing that linked me to all this new info was a SSN that paypal made me provide.  Even my IP address had changed.  So I figured out all that after much trial and error.  I dont know what crime could be attached to paypal sharing your SSN with ebay, but I know for a fact that is why paypal requires a SSN for you to collect payments from ebay (and ebay only). 

I could have sold through a website, but business crashed to a halt, so I just dropped it all.  Still pisses me off as I am still getting emails from ebay saying my account is suspended and to get it back just pay them $200 in selling fees, which is a bunch of crap because my Fathers account got suspended with mine, he paid his fees and they just collected the cash and kept him suspended citing "His account is associated with mine due to the same address".  So I refuse to pay them a red cent.  I even called them and still do from time to time to bitch them out, then I say that I am recording our conversation and they promptly hang up.

Guess it is okay for them to record you, but if you record them they will hang up on you.  Try it lol call ebay and when they answer before you say anything about account info or even your name, tell them you are recording the call.  If they dont hang up they will tell you that you have to stop or they will end the call.  It is quite funny.  :)

Off Topic / Re: To our Troops !!
« on: January 24, 2014, 04:30:03 PM »
Oh man!  A man after my own heart! 

Sad, Obama could have been the best president in history.  Would have gone down famously.  But instead he is going to be remembered as the worst.  Doing nothing about this and destroying so many many other things.

If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.  Period.

Signing the NDAA, extending the Patriot Act and a list of things so long I wont bother to list them all as I am sure you already know.

Public Bugs / Re: Found This Over At AC
« on: January 23, 2014, 04:52:48 PM »
unlimited raptor teeth :)

Public Bugs / Re: Easy Bushido Gains 90+
« on: January 21, 2014, 06:24:29 PM »
How about summoning to mirror images ?
It could work, but if you are working Lightning Strike, you could possibly have necro, so summon a lesser familiar. :)

By the way gimlet, this get me into the super secret area?

Public Bugs / Re: Easy Bushido Gains 90+
« on: January 21, 2014, 03:29:54 PM »
Yes on two targets, a horse and a vamp familiar. 

A high MR and LRC Suit is best.

Public Bugs / Re: Easy Bushido Gains 90+
« on: January 21, 2014, 11:27:47 AM »
lol i agree.  I only came across this because I am farming shame to get level 2 and 3 boss to get that whetstone.  It was not until I summoned the bat out of sheer boredom that I realized it was possible.

Public Bugs / Re: Easy Bushido Gains 90+
« on: January 21, 2014, 10:22:27 AM »
This works with a horse and a vamp bat....

all follow me
all guard me
all kill <me>


Public Bugs / Easy Bushido Gains 90+
« on: January 21, 2014, 09:05:12 AM »
Normally if you try to use Momentum Strike on a pet(s) you will get the no valid targets blah blah.

Well, if you are using a necro summon familiar (I was using vamp bat), it actually counts as a target you cannot kill or hurt and you will gain.  :)

Off Topic / Re: What Star Wars character are you?
« on: January 19, 2014, 02:00:58 PM »
^^  Sweet!  For my next wish - I wish my worst enemy had taste buds in his butthole.  :)

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