Author Topic: Crisis Carpentry Trainer Beta 1.0 *Needs Testers Please*  (Read 23348 times)

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Re: Crisis Carpentry Trainer Beta 1.0 *Needs Testers Please*
« Reply #60 on: November 10, 2022, 04:18:44 AM »
Script run controls are F keys.
F6 will run until returning from the current sub or called script.
F7 is used to step one line at a time through a script.
F8 is used to run a line without pausing for it.

F7 generally doesn't function well when there is a block of code with a timer. You will be too slow for the timer not to expire. That can take a path through a false timeout logically...
When pausing for each line is useful, then F7 works well to step through the script and give you the opportunity to examine variables.

Thank you this will be very helpful when trying to help you smart people debugging scripts. tonight i will try them in something to see it function.

as far as the carpentry using an axe in my hand and keeping the crafting menu fully on the screen it ran flawless from 50-gm last night