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UO Shadow Age Returns!
« on: September 09, 2023, 05:52:02 PM »
Hey Folks!

Just wanted to say that the UO Shadow Age from nearly 10 years ago is making a comeback.
We are currently in Open Beta and are nearing announcing a launch date.

We've rebuilt and modernized the original Felucca landmass, including transparent water (including ocean), improved the looks of nearly all dungeons and many towns, built dozens of new POI's all over the overworld of Sosaria, removed some underused cities/land areas, and rebuilt old dungeons (like wrong) entirely again.

Completely rebuilt the PvM and Crafting Experience, while staying true to that blood pumping Age of Shadows PvP we all loved.

What you'll find here:
+ Difficult but rewarding progression.
+ Dedicated and committed staff members.
+ A plethora of content.
+ An incredibly balanced PvP experience.
+ Arena PvP System.
+ Crafting that matters.
+ A community excited to play!

Join our growing community and help beta us in our public beta test!

Watch our State of the Realm series on Youtube!

and so much more.

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