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Question: What is this thing anyhow?

After the loss of shard launching sites like UOGateway and ConnectUO, I wanted to create an easy way for freeshard owners to allow people to connect to their freeshards.  Now a freeshard owner can provide a drag/drop link into SUO Launcher to immediately allow access into their shard without worrying about what program and settings are required.
Question: What else does SUO Launcher do?

Other features include:

* Manage all freeshards and OSI shard login information
* Modifies client to allow for light all the time
* Keeps a database of clients encountered, so when a UO patch occurs, you'll have the previous client version availableQuestion: My virus software hates this

Yes, I know.  Norton SONAR, AVG, etc all see this as a threat.  It's not, but I can't change how it functions to provide the features you require.  You'll need to add "Launcher.exe" to your whitelisted programs in whatever virus program you use.
Question: Do I need to run this in Administrator mode

Most likely yes.  You'll either need to be running on an Admin account, or explicitly run this program with Administrator rights.
Question: I cannot drag a link to SUO Launcher?

In Windows, if a programs aren't running at the same permissions level, you cannot drag/drop between them.  If you had to run the Launcher.exe at admin rights, then you will probably need to be sure you're running your browser as admin as well.
Question: The program doesn't automatically find my client

In the immortal words of Jerry Maguire, "Help me help you!".  I look for keys in your registry that direct the system to the EA/OSI installations.  I know many of them and have built them into the program.  However, there are many eras of UO and some of those had registry keys that have changed over time.  If the program doesn't find your client, then I would need you to use "regedit.exe" to locate the registry keys for UO from within your registry.  They generally start out in your LocalMachine/Software/EA Games/.....  Forward this information to me and I'll verify and include in a later version of the SUO Launcher.
Question: What's up with the ads?

Deal with it.

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