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Adding repair deeds to Bench


So I started to mess around with wanting to add deeds in my backpack to the repair bench. So I was able to get it to open the gump to add and even got it to click the button to start targeting the deeds. But im stumped on how to go about targeting the deeds in my pack and then going back to making deeds. Here is what I have so far

--- Code: ---Finditem SLJC G_5 ;, #BackpackID
wait %LagDelay
If #FindKind <> -1
   wait 10
   event macro 17 0
   wait 20
   click 180 517
   wait 1s
   finditem EWH C_ , #backpackid
   if #findkind = -1


--- End code ---

Can someone point me in the correct directions

The Ghost:
I would like top help but I dont have a repair bench.  PM the shard you play so I can you our if you would like me to help you.

The Ghost:
Now that we are done testing.   No need for a complicated script to add the deed to the repair bench.  just click the add deed and target the bag  the deed are located.  it will add of them.  :)   happy filling.


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