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Scripts messed up :(

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Script Name: SOS Master (alpha)
; Author: Kal In Ex

Script Name:   Archangel's Serpent Hunter
; Author: sgazaway

I love these 2 scripts, but seems after a patch or 2 they have stopped working, sure would be nice if someone could fix these 2.......I use very few scripts  but have like maybe 5 I love using......Hope someone has the heart to fix for me.....I appreciate all the work you guys do in making scripts for us to use.   Kandie

Toymaker posted a fix for the SoS Master here:

I am not sure if anyone has posted a fix for the serpent hunter but I would start on the last page and work backwards looking to see if there is a fix posted.

Thx  I will check it out.....Have a great day :)

I didn't realize that they changed the mib/sos so you can use this to find the type and then just replace or add it in.

thx  but I am not to good with scripts I can do a few things, like maybe change an ID for an item but thats about it :(  I wish when I was in school yrs ago, computers would have been around.....but now I am almost 69 and its harder for me to remember stuff and learn it.....I try........thx for the quick response, much appreciated :)


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