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New member introductions / Re: Hello!
« Last post by gimlet on Today at 06:07:39 AM »
Haven't tried it myself. Was just reading your description and I have had it happen before where I assumed a script would grab ingots from my resource bag in the bank... but it was actually looking in the top level of my bank. Lesson learned that if it isn't pulling materials and you have some there... maybe check if you have the materials where the script is actually looking to pull from. When in doubt, you could have some in both spots... run the script... if it grabs some, then check which balance was lowered. Probably an easier guess and test than reading code if you aren't up to it.

Gold Farming / Re: TrailMyx's Full Auto Fisherman
« Last post by Gaderian on Today at 05:52:42 AM »
A couple years ago the gump changed for the bank donation. Some things moved down on the same former page but you may need to turn the page to get to the donation link.
Gold Farming / Re: TrailMyx's Full Auto Fisherman
« Last post by jenovauh on Today at 03:36:32 AM »
I hate wasting things so I wanted to donate all the fish steaks to the Libray to get something cool. I set this up with two runes to the Fisherman in the Britain Libary and checked the appropriate boxes.  Watching my Fisherman, he never gets to the Libary always by-passing it for the Bank or back to the Ship.

does anyone else use the "Donate" Option? Is it working for them? And may I ask what they used to fix it?

I tried using the donate function, it will teleport to the NPC but doesn’t donate the fish as I think the NPC donation  interface had change and that’s why it is not working.
Did you verify from where it looks to pull ingots? Some scripts pull ingots from a bag in the bank, while others pull from the top level of the bank. I have not looked at it, but check that you have ingots where it expects when grabbing them.


Thanks for your advise, I will try to verify as much as I can within my limited knowledge on scripting.

By the way, did you try using this script before? And it is working well for you?
New member introductions / Re: Hello!
« Last post by Crisis on Today at 02:32:59 AM »
Awesome Introduction, thank you for your additions! Welcome to SUO - restricted status lifted - feel free to enjoy all the benefits of the site!
Did you verify from where it looks to pull ingots? Some scripts pull ingots from a bag in the bank, while others pull from the top level of the bank. I have not looked at it, but check that you have ingots where it expects when grabbing them.

_C2_ Script Library / Re: C2's Lobster and Crab Farmer
« Last post by jenovauh on October 29, 2020, 10:22:41 PM »
I started testing this script version 2.3c. Settings using Legacy Boat, Recall, Legacy 10 and Just Home Only. Set ID for secure and bag, rename key and everything all good to go.

It recall to my large dragon ship and pathfind to the Tiller Man, start placing the Lobster trap one by one until it reach 10 of them. Immediately after the 10 traps are done, it started to collect all the traps without waiting for it to "bob". After that it will recall home with empty traps, open the secure container 2 time and recall back to ship, walk to tiller man, place 10 traps again, collect empty trap again and recall home and so on.

I check the set %waittimes 20 and set %minutes 3, I increased them by a lot and it doesn't help at all. Not sure how to fix this problem or it is only me having this problem. Need help from the expert here. Thanks a lot.
New member introductions / Re: Hello!
« Last post by gabrielo on October 29, 2020, 08:51:04 PM »
Of course!  Well, my life in UO begun in 1998 when I was 17 years old.  My older brother had been playing it and when I went to stay with him for a weekend he introduced me to UO and he got me hooked!  At that time a 15" CRT monitor was the norm as was 56K dialup (more often it was 42Kbps where we lived), and also the calls were metered so extensive play time came with big phone bills!  The first time we had access to a leased line internet connection or ADSL was a game changer, quite literally.  Lag was common place as was lost connection (at an inopportune moment) when someone picked up the phone in another room.  We also got our other brother into it, so it was fun the 3 of us playing together while all living apart.  We played on and off until around 2004, before the Samurai Empire expansion came out.  I had move to a bigger city and had work to contend with, etc.

When I first started I was introduced to the city of Minoc, and spent many, MANY months as a grinder with mining (with a pack horse) and blacksmithing.  It took us a while to save up and find space for a small wood and plaster house, which we placed in the plains north of Minoc. There were, no scripts, no Tremmel/Felucia, I was PK'd in a mine more times than I care to remember, safety and the old housing system which required a key (and no insurance).  It was fun and I never really did dungeons or hunts for a year or so. 

As I trained up my characters, I added a mage and turned my miner into a swordsman, it was slow going.  Losing regs, runes, etc. (house key was always banked) and being a bit timid at the time was mainly soloing. We then found a hosing plot on the Arctic isle north of Deceit, which my brother found on a boat. Expansions like The Second Age came out, which I wasn't overly keen on at first.  As I say, I was a timid explorer and hadn't really mastered Britannia at that point.

I also started fishing to get the SoS bottles, which was another long and interesting adventure.  At this point I discovered some scripting tools, and they helped me avoid RSI in my mouse clicking finger (still dogs me today).  I also started Animal taming which was pretty good fun, mostly all levelled and trained the slow way. 

We all then stopped playing for a while, each expansion tempted me back in with the Age of Shadow and Mondain's Legacy and the improvements were interesting, if not a little complicated to get your head around.  While not being a huge PvP fan, the Tremmel/Felucia split seemed to detract from the game somehow, but a lot of people moved their housing to Tremmel, which opened up Felucia housing enough for us to eventually we find some space for a 2 story wood and plaster house (with a balcony) in the forrest west of Wind, it was great going with a sense of achievement.

I stopped playing completely just before the Samurai Empire expansion came out, and am actually not hugely enthusiastic about it now. I moved on to World of Warcraft briefly, although I missed the dynamics and economy of UO and didn't stick with it for long.  I eventually returned to the fold about a month ago when I had exhausted a lot of my lockdown entertainment and watched a documentary on Netflix about early games which featured some of the earlier Ultima games and shortly after read an article about 1990s games that were still being updated.  In said article UO came up and I was very surprised, I was also tempted back by the UO Forever free element just to check it out again, and it lasted all of 30 minutes before I paid to reactivate my account!  I have also convinced one of my brothers to join me again and we are back! 

There is a lot to take in and a huge amount to do in order to get our rather old character templated back up to speed, which is why forums and tools like this are invaluable, besides that RSI in my hand hasn't got much better in the last 20 odd years!

Anyway, I won't bore you anymore, that's my store so far.  I look forward to becoming a part of this useful and loyal community and enjoy being back in the world of Ultima.
Crafting / Re: frneo's Crafter v2.1 09/02/11 with TM's Advanced CLAw support
« Last post by jenovauh on October 29, 2020, 05:18:47 AM »
not in free shard. I am trying in OSI shard and ingot ID is correct.
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