Author Topic: UODemise, Yupp I did it.  (Read 6082 times)

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UODemise, Yupp I did it.
« on: August 11, 2014, 05:30:41 PM »
Where to start?

I was the only one with Inquisitors for years, I had a lunahouse right outside the east? (the one close to the moongate) gate.
When I was 11 days into the server I had 17 million, inquisitors, hom orny 9 BRSKs and other cool items. 120's everywhere :-P
I had 1500 regular BODs in bod boks just to get more BRSKs (which I never did)

How did I get this? I scammed the richest person at the time and the guild RTG (Rape the game) Took me 7-8 days to get their trust, doing some champs, listening to them on Vent.
When they did not expect it BAM.
I was now what, the richest person on Demise (It was a couple months in). (I value the inquisitors invaluable thats why I say the richest) Then one day I sold them to the player Nomon. Another rich guy for a pityfull sum :( which I now today regret.

Just wanted to brag about this :-P