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Re: Fisherman Template Question
« Reply #15 on: March 24, 2016, 12:09:38 AM »
I've created yet another fisherman for fel dungeons. I don't really have much of a problem on my former fel fisherman since he had stealth/ninjitsu(for full mount speed while stealthed) but the passageways are narrow and some reds are smart enough to reveal me in them. I decided to try and build a template with more fight. I don't expect to kill every red that attacks me but I do expect to have fun standing my ground. Most reds are archers, throwers or dexxers of some sort so I am building accordingly, but still as a mage. Thoughts appreciated.

120 Fishing
120 Magery
120 Eval
120 Meditation
120 in Resisting Spells
100 Anatomy (combined with eval = 120 weapon skill defence = 50% misses by dexxer reds with 120 wep. 120 anat = 100 anat)
20 pts left over(and 20 free pts wasted in Necro via midnight bracers)

Suit has insane caster legendary jewels but I stuck with the 4 piece fisher set for 50% more effective bait. Definitely a challenge. The suit has 110 SDI, 45 DCI, all 70's resists, 28 LMC, 18 MR. Scrappers and SC shield in hands. It also has several imbue slots left open until I figure out the final template.

- removing resisting spells is not an option, I like it in Doom and it's needed in Fel.
- Boost the MR and lower Meditation to stuff another skill in there, but which?
- Healing has synergy with anat but has an 8 second heal timer due to low dex, stats problematic
- Parrying adds another layer of defense, parry mages make for longer fights and temp has a shield in it, stats problematic
- Necro, but does Wither work without SS? I don't think it does.
- Tried Mystic, some synergies but damage output and defense virtually unchanged(swapped med for focus to test).
- Tried Spellweaving, more casting options but better in pvp? Didn't feel like it.
- Ruled out Inscription, I don't run with protection. 120 resists, all 70's resists and the eval int + anat = 120 defence makes it a loss.
- Remove Anat and work in SS/necro to create a necro mage? Can't cast heals without taking damage in vamp form.

The template has a lot of SDI, the cap is 15% in PvP but 30% for a pure caster so I'd like to remain a focused caster(magery only). I'm used to magery spells for PvP.

I'm leaning towards Parrying right now. I'd need to re-work stats to reach 80 dex but I have some imbue wiggle room to do that I think. I'd lower Str and Int a bit but not much. 60 dex would give a 30% chance to block, 80 a 35% chance with 120 parry.

- standard hit/miss check
- 120 eval + 100 anat hit check
- 45 DCI hit check
- 120 Parry hit check
= the bandits in the camp behind my house hit me 1 in 4 swings and without protection the damage doesn't always get high enough to interupt my spell cast. I can deal with that. Not using protection also lets me have 2 faster casting to shave a half second off spells.

What would you do for a fisherman sitting in a fel dungeon for a few hours? I have a stealthy fisherman already, this one is for more of a pirate roleplay. PvP hasn't changed much. Any red you see likely has friends nearby on Vent if he's alone. Ideally the build survives the initial damage dump the red does and then it's game on... until the friends show up. I'll be happy if I kill 1-2 in 5 to be honest.
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