Author Topic: Time for a new template, a couple questions...  (Read 3193 times)

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Time for a new template, a couple questions...
« on: October 19, 2016, 01:49:36 AM »
I have a good idea of what I want to build and it's likely going to cost me a mint on reforge alone since I need 5 pieces with no bonus resist to two types of resist per piece, not even arms lore bonus. They need to compliment each other and they need a very specific overcap reforge. Yes, I looked on VS in case some legendary was better, without luck.

Before I start, a couple of questions.

STATS: In PvP it's pretty common to get hit with curse, even with 120 resist. If I manage to overcap both Str and Dex on my suit to past 25, say to 38 or so, and I get hit with curse will the overcap kick in to keep my stats at close to cap still? ie: if I have 125 str + 38 str on armor and get hit for a 13 str debuf am I still sitting at 150 str or does the game ignore the original amount past 150 str and lower me to 137 str?  I don't have the suit to test this yet and wondered if anyone knows for sure.

Magic Reflection Spell: Since DCI, Parry etc do nothing to protect from a mage I'm considering making Magic Reflect part of the template. It lowers Phys resist by 20% and the phys cap by 5% but I can account for the 15% str on gear. My question is does the +10 to every other resist count in the damage mechanics as being above 70(they would all be 80) or would the extra 10 each all be wasted if they go beyond 70? I know resists past 70 on gear don't apply unless your resists are lowered by a spell or whatnot but is magic reflection different?

I did some testing with two characters on test shard. A character with zero skill casting magic reflect on himself via scroll receives 8 "spell circles" of reflect back at the mage. If a mage opens with curse and then poison, for example, both will bounce back to the mage and the magic reflect holds. If he casts two lvl 4 spells however, or a lvl 2 and a lvl 6 etc, the reflect falls off as do the resists. I couldn't test to see if the 80 resists were acting like 80 resists or just 70 resists, again I don't have the right suit made yet.

FYI - A Character with 99.9 magery and 99.9 inscription also only gets 8 spell levels of reflect, it's not until you have 100 magery and 100 inscription do you get the bonus up to 15 spell levels. No magery or inscription required for 8 levels but you need both at 100+ to get 15 levels. Also, the cooldown on recasting looks like it's about a minute long and you can't cast a level 5 scroll with 0 magery.

I've been looking all over the net for info about over cap stats and magic reflect mechanics with mostly conflicting results. If you've messed with this and figured it out let me know pls.