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Powerscroll Organizing and Combining
« on: January 13, 2020, 06:22:36 PM »
This is my Powerscroll organizer.

It has some very specific requirements. There will be issues if those are not followed.

  • 8 Powerscroll books locked down within reach (2 tiles of character)
      Note that levels 105, 115 and 120 need 1 (2 work better) while 110 requires 2 to guarantee enough scrolls to make matches available
  • 2 secure containers in reach:
    • holds scroll binders
    • holds unsorted Powerscroll books (These are called Raw in the script)
  • Start the script and the menu shows up.
  • There are a set of green books and red books. The button to the left of the green books or red books in the "Sorted" box are used to target the respective books. There is a green book for each PS level 105, 110, 115 & 120. Press the green small button then target the respective book you have locked down to use.
    Repeat these steps for the red books.
  • Press the button for Raw... then target the container with unsorted Powerscroll books in that container.
  • Press the button for Scroll Binders... then target the secure with fresh scroll binders.
Now that setup is complete, you can use it to process scrolls.
The setup options (check boxes) are not really dynamic - meaning if you uncheck/check one while Sort/Inventory/Combine is processing - it may/may-not be honored until the next time you choose a process.

These are described to the immediate right of each button:
  • Sort Finished - move scrolls from the sorted books into other categories or not?
  • Target When Book Full - not sure how well this works, but if unchecked it will try to automatically roll over to the red book (or green book) if the current book for that level is full. If you check it, then it is supposed to pause and wait for you to target which secured book you want to move scrolls into.
  • Do you want to sort 105/110/115/120 scrolls? check them all. Want to only sort 120 scrolls into a book, then uncheck the others you don't want.
  • Do you only want to combine 105/110/115 scrolls? Set as you wish.
  • Include Raw means do you want to go through the Raw books to see if any scrolls match the current skill and PS level. Unchecked by default because it is *slow*. I recommend sorting Raw into sorted and use only the sorted books to combine.
Inventory - Read the contents of all books
Sort - Move scrolls into Sorted books by category
Combine - If any inventory is sufficient to create a full binder and create the next higher level scroll, pull those from books, pull a scroll binder, combine these and place the resulting new scroll into the appropriate Sorted Level Book.

Pause - pauses the script operation and works in most routines after a reading the current OCR
Empty Book - removes as many scrolls as possible up to your weight/item limit
Fill Book - moves all scrolls in your back pack into the secured book of your choice

Quit - Quits the script operation...

Minimal Execution to Combine Scrolls:
  • Follow Setup steps above
  • Press Inventory
  • Press Combine

This requires KalOCR to read the book data. I will include the version here.

This is not the fastest way to process the data, but it does work with minimal house lockdowns. That was part of the criteria of this project. The original design was to keep item counts to a minimum. It is the old adage about you want speed/quality/cost ... pick any 2. ;)

Known Issues (Version 1.4):
  • Books become full - any scrolls in main backpack will be placed into the next book where scrolls are added
  • When a scroll is added, the current book closes and the script moves to the next skill (rather than complete the current skill to combine more scrolls)

Wish List of Enhancements/Fixes (Version 1.4):
  • Save Setup
  • Simple keep known data of books (if book count is same... assume contents are the same; if book count different... force re-Inventory book)

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Re: Powerscroll Organizing and Combining
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2020, 06:23:25 PM »
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