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Stealth UO Client Tutorial
« on: March 17, 2020, 04:22:28 AM »
Download page: - latest version is usually on top

1.  Download and install Stealth UO Client.  If you have anti-virus software it's possible that it will complain because it hasn't seen this file many times and may not trust it.  The setup file may be compressed in a RAR file type which can be uncompressed with WinRAR or 7zip - I prefer 7zip.

2.  Run the Stealth application.

3.  Hit the cogwheel in the upper-right corner - this is the Settings.

4.  Change anything you want, but I suggest making these changes:
  a.  Under "Server" tab - click Full mode
  b.  Under "Logs" tab - uncheck everything

5.  Close Settings

6.  In the middle of the application, you'll see Profile, Accounts, Connect, Disconnect, Start Client.  Click the pen and paper icon to the right of Profile.


7.  Profiles setup - "Name" is the nickname for your account to, for display only - "Login" is your account username.  Fill in Name, Login, Pass, 120 Reconnect time, uncheck Remember my choice.

8.  Click the pen and paper icon to the right of Shard.

9.  Name: OSI, Address, Port: 7776, uncheck use proxy unless you need to use one, Client version: (this gets changed every time you update UO), check Encrypted client, click the folder icon next to MUL or UOP Filepath and locate Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic folder.

10.  Click the pen and paper icon to the right of Selected Client

11.  Name: Classic, Path: Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic\client.exe location to your client.exe, check use steal.cfg instead of login.cfg.

12.  In the "Clients" window, hit the green plus arrow then press OK(+Save), then close button

13.  In the Shards Setup window, select "Classic" under Selected Client, then press Add button, then press Save button, then press Close button.

14.  In the Profiles Setup window, select "OSI" for Shard, then press the green plus arrow button, then press Save button, then press Close button.

15.  Now we're ready to connect the profile you just setup.  Select your profile in the middle and click Connect.

16.  You should see a popup for shard selection, then character selection.

17.  After you've chosen a character, the bar on the left side should turn green, this indicates your character is connected and is in the world.

18.  At this point you can start running a script if you like.  A client window does not need to be open in order to run a script.  However if you want a client window open, click the Start Client button.  Do not type anything in Account or Pass, just click Login.  You should now have a classic client window open with your current connected character.

EDIT: Step 11 can be changed to work with Enhanced Client.  Stealth UO does work with Enhanced Client.
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