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Script request
« on: February 15, 2021, 01:51:06 AM »
Hello pro scripters! I'm new to easyuo and UOs and dont know how to script or build macros at all. the farthest I've come is to combine different macros with eachother to make em do a bit more by copying out sections and paste it em in a single macro for OUs. However i play from time to time on a freeshard were afk macros is accepted (boring i know).. however I'm now looking to learn to creat a super simple walk macro. Either in UOs or easyOU. the advantage to have it in easyOU is to be able to run loop attack macro in UOs and rearmer script in easyUO. What im simply after is to calculate how many steps and in wich direction it would require to walk from the buttom of deceit to the top and back again and then replay it self.

A macro or script that simply just says "take X amount of steps at diraction Y" > "X amount in direction Y2" > "pause for C amount of secconds (killing of mobs)" > and when I've calculated how many steps it need to take and when to change diraction to have gone to the top of the dungeon and then back again to th same spot it will simply just repeat with pauses in between were it wound take any step at all killing of mobs. If this is done with easyUO i would simply just let my attack macro for UOs loop. If its done with a macro in UOs i would also have to build in a attack inbetween all the pauses. it doesnt have to contain any feature like opening doors or loot as UOs will take care of that it self with the built in functions.

Just calculating how many steps and were and when to take them sounds fairly basic. Is there anyone here who can help me out pulling thise through? like which are the phrases to make the character move in X amount of steps in a set diraction and what are the phrases to let it pause and then replay it self in the end? sounds like it should jsut be the same 3 lines with but with different values.

appreciate any help or diraction towards learning these simple things! thanks!

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Ok so I've started to make the pathing with UOs just recording steps. Open doors was easy to to come around by adding pause 600. However the mobs that can get in the way seems abit harder to get around using a simple pathing macro. My option i can think of is to pause after a very few steps to let it pull all the mobs towards me and have them killed by staying on the same spot. this could work for a while but it will ust be a matter of time before a mob spawns in my path or something similar and i would have to run back to the starting point to play the macro again.
I understand that this type of macro and idea of recording every step the character has to take is super bad and will often end up with the pathing being unbalanced as mobs will screw up the pathing. if something interrupts the pathign it would require the character to kill whats blocking the way and then continue taking the path where it last stop. This eally seem like a bit to much for my knowledge right now. and using a macro for this aint good either. a script would be needed.
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