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2 donation subs
« on: June 07, 2010, 03:32:53 PM »
I had these subs in debug for a few days to see if there was any problems with them. Since there were no comments on them, I can assume I did the namespace stuff properly.

Donation namespace will do all the donation gumps that allow stuff in a container to be donated. It will not do tmaps or poison potions donation, as those are currently bugged.

Donation namespace 2 will do the donations that require the items to be out of the backpack to get donations gump to popup. It will put the bag on cursor, popup the donation gump, and drop bag back into backpack before finishing the donation. Once donation is finished it will open the bag and move it to hardcoded position (very easy to change).

Both files contain a sub called gump wait which I borrowed from one of TM's scripts that he labeled other peoples subs. If you are using both of these subs you only need to use one copy of the gump wait sub.

Usage of the subs is listed in the file.

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donation namespace 2.txt
donation namespace.txt
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