Author Topic: XIIxOveR's Miner For Dummies 3.0  (Read 93895 times)

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Re: XIIxOveR's Miner For Dummies 3.0
« Reply #480 on: February 15, 2018, 01:23:36 PM »
Not to kill your buzz,  but I will suggest that you use the Davies Jones locker to find the X/Y locations.  After that is just a matter of find the 4 corners.   This build is trying every location u can dig up.     I use it a while, while back and have some little hickup. 

I believe someone write a quick text on how to do T-map now.

I use Davies Locker, but its 10x10 area and takes too much time to walk around whole spot without mining. I'm all about speed and efficiency. I'm not using the miner to dig chest, using it to train mining so I only have to make 1 dig in center of tmap area(mining 100 will pull chest if you are within 10 tiles of it). This saves me a lot of time.