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Best macing weapon for a sampire?

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K.. im on my way building a new sampire (120 Mace, 120 Anatomy, 115 Tactics, 115 Parry, 115 Bushido, 80 Necro, 75 Chivalry). A rathere ruinous experience moneywise, thats why i went for 115's since the cost of 120's are killing except for mace and anatomy that i got at a bargain. I put the leftovers in +25 stats scroll since that seemed like a lot of value for money.

Just made 115 parrying yesterday, those Yew sheeps are awesome (no need for great harts, harpies or ogre lords anymore... that was a breeze).

I never had a macer before so im a bit curious as to what macing weapons currently are recconed as the "best"?

So far ive tougth that a 2 handed weapon must be ultimate (because of bushido bonus to 2-handers) and then i seen that the Tessen does decent dammage per second?

Would the "best" be a Tessen with max Mana & Stamina Leech, above 40% dammage increase and 20% SSI (either by weapon or other mods)? Life leech comes from vamp form so no need for that on the weapon?

depends on what you're fightning.  if you are fightning something with a crazy mana supply & meditation I would choose a weapon that you can deal double strikes or armor ignores since it will do more damage.  i know on dreadhorn my quarterstaff doublestrikes about every other hit the whole entire time and it takes a few minutes off.

There's a balance.... a zen if you will... with weapons.

Speed - specials - damage.

When you find a weapon that lives harmoniously within that triad, you will find peace.

PvP the best mace weapon is a mace.
PvM the best mace weapon changes.

Don't get caught up with two-handed and bushido. Yes you gain some parry chance, but you loose potions.

And don't get caught up with trying to find the perfect weapon. You'll spend too much time, effort and gold trying to get the "perfect" weapon for you. Better to get a decent assortment of weapons, and learn how to switch.

Like having a Tessen with Mana Leech and Lower Defense. You use it when you need to recast Enemy of One or something, then switch back to your Life Leech Diamond Mace for damage. You could get both of those weapons for a small percentage of what a HML, HLL, HLD Macing Weapon would cost. And switching between them is as simple as assigning a hotkey.

And if your really good, you'll have a couple of weapons that excel at what they do, and work harmoniously together. For a Sammy, a High Damage, Life Leech, Quick two hander would be excellent when used with a Super Fast, Mana Leech one hander. When you need a potion - just switch weapons and drink away, then switch back.

Or of course, write a script to do it.

could you post a brief tutoral on the macros for swithching weps.  I could never get them to work, of course except for the one that comes with ultima.  I would like to use a assortment of weps like u say.  Is it best to make the macros in ult itself, or use razor, or uoassist, or just plane script it?

I'd just use the default UO fast weapon switcher. It's quick, and works about 99% of the time.

You could make the simpliest weapons switch, drink potion, switch back macro there is:

--- Code: ---event macro 37 0 ; fast weapon switch
wait 10 ; or use some type of gosub to ensure the weapon has switched
gosub DrinkIt ZUF ; refresh pot
wait 10 ; or again use a weapon switched sub that checks
event macro 37 0 ; switch back to first weapon
--- End code ---

If you want to script it... you should include a check to ensure your actually holding a weapon after the switch attempt.... something along the lines of #lhandID and #rhandID to ensure you are in fact armed.

For the weapon checker... you could consider something like this. You manually switch weapons so UO has learned the two that will be switched when you use your hotkey or event macro 37 0. Then get your two-hander armed up.

In the script you can use:

--- Code: ---set %weapon_l #LhandID
set %weapon_r #RhandID
--- End code ---

Now the script knows what is in your hands when you start. So it should be easy enough to check to see if if those are in your hands...

--- Code: ---set %weapon_L #LhandID

onhotkey F3
  event macro 37 0 ; fast weapon switch
  gosub Check_Weapon
  gosub DrinkIt ZUF ; refresh pot
  event macro 37 0
  gosub Check_Weapon
until #CharGhost = YES
while #CharGhost = YES
  wait 0

gub Check_Weapon
while #LhandID = %weapon_L
  wait 0

sub DrinkIt
  wait 5
  findItem %1 C_ , #backpackID
  if #findKind = -1
  set #lobjectID #findID
  set #ltargetKind 1
  event macro 17 0
  wait 5
--- End code ---

You can see this would check the left hand for the stored weapon type and wait until it's there to continue the script. This is a basic script and probably won't work correctly due to timing issues, it's just to illustrate how you would want to setup your own script. A really good sub routine to ensure events have taken place (like switching weapons) would be the heart of this type of script. It would have to include a default timeout as well, so you don't just stand there with the wrong weapon in your hands while the script is hung up.


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