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New member introductions / HeyHeyHey!
« on: June 09, 2010, 05:15:08 PM »
Whats up ScriptUO community!? My name is tom and ive been playin UO for about 10 years (since I was 13 years old when my uncle first introduced me to this great game...bless his soul) In those first few years I played on Atlantic and then took a brief hiatus while I was busy trying to be cool in High School.. hahahah When I returned to the game I had started playing Siege and was there for about 5 years.. I played with two guilds there first in KSS and then with WAKA. My main draw is PVP but I get joy out of almost every aspect of the game. After playing a lot I decided that I needed to pay more attention to my studies in college so I again decided to take a break. So here I am. I'm BACK! I can't get enough of this game and love my time spent in Sosaria. I've met some really great friends over the years, some which I'll be in touch with forever. Outside of UO I have my bachelors degree in Music Performance...I'm a sax player, and have my masters degree in Music Education which I just received this May. I play a lot of music around Philly with several bands and have been having a ball. I'm a big hockey fan and play on a team to keep some form of physical activity in my life. lol. I guess thats about it. Hopefully I'll be talking to many of you soon and I hope to make some great friends.

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