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New member introductions / Round 3! ::ding ding ding:::
« on: March 25, 2018, 04:38:08 AM »
Ok, for the record, I type really slow, so much that this is my third attempt to write this lol.

Well, let's see, ready to be bored to utter death? Yeah? Ok, you asked for it.

Hi, My name is Dianna. I'm a 53-year-old gaming addict, yeah I said the A word, I'm bad I know.
I played the original Ultima, on the Commodore, still have my coin, ankh AND maps...ok I still have the games, not sure why...sssshhhhhhhhh....we're not going to talk about that lol.
So my husband and I played on the AOL legends server way back when played from opening to 03. Went, of course, to wow. Now, we're looking at UO again because its something for me to do. The scripting is, mildly simplistic, Derik can teach me the actual language, but what we are both having a hard time with is, I am presuming, the age of the emulator? We had a server a long time ago, he was teaching me how to write in C whatever ( doing that symbol just freaked my keyboard out..) and I was going like madman learning how to make pirates and evil mages and all sorts of stuff before we had to move on. ( Baby - girl- amazing!)

Getting back into it, I need examples, this is driving us crazy, we get a broken feed and everything looks just fine in the code, no missings or misspelt or any of the other blares in your face issues, an expert they say. HI!!!

So who is calling? Well, not so happy you asked I hate talking about myself. But YOU asked for it!
Ok, I'm a "retired" blackjack dealer, worked all over including vegas. Got a healthy case of arthritis from doing such, see, I never used a shu, I held the cards in my hands, thus the crinkling. Then I got fibromyalgia, head to toe. NEVER SAY DIE!! ::grinz::: I may not be able to leave my apartment very often but by the great malinko I can and will live in virtual reality lol. I just need to make it pretty. I'm an artist, of course, if its art, craft or really awesome (Like boffing weapons!) I can make it. Not arrogant, just a long life of art class and making stuff. So, I think the program I want is UOfiddler? Is there a newer version than the one from 99? (only one i found was posted in 99) Yeah, fun fun, can't wait. But I need backup. I can come here now :D.

My hubby and I are also D&D players, me, 37 years now, he's got a few under his belt too. But were DM's.(Dungeon Masters) And we are attempting to make "our world" within the confines of the UO universe. Not easy, but wicked fun. It doesn't matter if there's no one else on it, it's ours and very entertaining.

I better post this, lmao, it's going to time out on me again. Anyway, please, if you have any questions, just ask me, I have not a thing to hide.


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