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Hehehehehe .... We'll I'm sure glad you folks started all this. So much knowledge! I'm having a blast learning.

What do you think of this chat bridge?

awwwwww.... lol
Which site did you start? heheh glad you made friends.  8)

Scripting Chat / Re: Vendor Search script, does one exist?
« on: August 18, 2019, 05:10:36 PM »
OMG! @Endless Night
I've been looking for this script for months! I want to connect it to my discord server. Is there anyway I can get a copy? I'm fairly new to scripting, and it's daunting to think of recreating it. It would be super amazing to pricecheck from chat. If you're not willing to release it, maybe just the OCR bit? That's the most daunting part for me.   

Ty! hehehe
I update the original script, and my dynamic menu example.

I also found these great menu Subs that Twinkle McNugget posted:

So cool you can add tooltips. =]

Oh! TY! Much cleaner.

I tried the menu creator. Is great! But, not what I am looking for. I couldn't find a dynamic menu builder sub, so I kludged a checkbox menu together.
Here it is! Automatically builds a list of check boxes that turn on/off features.

Oooooooo thank you! I'll try it out. =]

Thank you The Ghost and freddy!! I really appreciate the replies!! =]

The Ghost: Good news about comments! I love comments! =]
Also, I thought like you that I needed "if %variable = #true" and "if %variable = #false", but then I noticed that easyuo can interpret booleans as just %variable or ! %variable respectively! =] So, I took out all = #true and = #false. Seems to work well without them. =]

freddy: OK! So, should I leave everything at the default LPC of 10? Except for the processing subs like the scanbuffbar? Or, should I leave the default LPC at 60 like LAME 3.0 uses? What about the wait 10 that is peppered about? after using spells/abilities? Should I make those dynamic to change with the LPC? Also, obviously i need 2 spell timers since i have 2 characters, but should i use a different timer for spells vs abilities and whatnot?

ALSO! I like to make my menu dynamic so it just iterates through my boolean variables, and creates the menu itself.  Was a pain to manually order and change my menu items as it grew. Was looking for some kind of loop like
Code: [Select]
for %i in "list of strings or variables"
     blah %i
Is there anything like that I can use?

Public Bugs / Re: Free Golden Fishing Poles
« on: August 07, 2019, 12:03:59 PM »
Spent 2mil on 1000 hooks, and threw them all into the sea! found about ~80 pieces of shipwreck quest item, but not a single golden fishing rod.
What could I have done wrong?

Hello! this is my first script! =] So fun! I just took a bunch of awesome scripts and smashed them all together.
Can you help my with the more complex stuff, and optimizing it?
I think I need to dynamically change LPC depending upon the sub being run. What are some good LPC values for different subs? Also, I think I need a couple different spell/action timers to be dynamically set depending on the character, and type of spell/action. Finally, I'd like support implementing some subs for calculating FC/FCR/LMC for these timers.

Also, I notice most scripts don't have many comments. Do ;comments slow the script down?   
Maybe someone already has a script like this? (Twinkle McNugget?, Cervesa?)  ;D Thank you in advance!!

; Thank you,, and!
; Merely a bunch of amazing work smashed together!
; Thank you so much! to these smart generous people:                                 ;
; Twinkle McNugget - Scanbar sub, inspiration, and blog posts
; -->
; Cerveza - Cerv's UOXL Swap Bot script, outline, and idea for script
; -->
; dxrom - LAME 3.0 sampire script, idea, and menu
; -->
; Einstein - Duo Sampire Healer bot idea
; -->
; Felix - Warriors assistant
; Endless Night - uoXL setup and swap, and scanbuffbar
; -->
; Trailmyx (TM) - Journal subs and blog posts.
; Tecmo - Tecmo's Creature ID (c)
; -->
; CEO - CEO Medic
; -->

New member introductions / Re: Hail! I'm Silver! =]
« on: July 22, 2019, 08:53:36 AM »
Thank you!

New member introductions / Hail! I'm zaan! =]
« on: July 22, 2019, 08:28:39 AM »
I played UO in 1999 for 2 years. I enjoyed it incredibly, but had to quit to do RL stuffs. 6 months ago I started playing again, and I LOVE it still. I never enjoyed the grindyness of it though, and since have learned a lot about scripting. Primarily just BASH since I am a Linux user through and through. I'd love to start writing scripts to create more richness in the experience. Specifically to create my own NPCs. NPCs that help the userbase at large. =] So much of the documentation and lore of UO was user created. Then later the game completely cloned and open sourced. I'd love to contribute to that!

I'm back after 18 years, and would like to help other people that had to stop in their childhood, and now actually have time/money to play. <3   

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