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Thanks for your introduction - restricted status lifted - feel free to enjoy all the benefits of the site!


New member introductions / New to the forums want to introduce my self
« Last post by Billy222 on Today at 01:10:46 PM »
Hello all, been playing Ultima Online fore 5 years now. I have played on UO secondage and UO forever. i see a lot of scripts here that will be helpful and fun to play around with. I currently play on UO secondage and am open to play any other shards. t2a era is my style. pvp is mostly what i love doing. but idoc camping is also a favorite of mine. thanks guys!
UO News / []Rising Tide – World Wide Release
« Last post by Spaz Ferret on Today at 09:11:17 AM »
Rising Tide – World Wide Release

3/18/2018 Greetings, We are pleased to announce that as of each shard’s normal maintenance beginning March 19, 2019 Rising Tide will be deployed world wide. A few of the highlights in Rising Tide include – Rising Tide – a new event that takes advantage of re-designed ship combat for a harrowing High Seas adventure, with new rewards coming each month!  Visit the Town Cryers to learn more! New Ultima Store Items – House Teleporter & Decorative Kitchen Set! New Veteran Rewards! Numerous bug fixes! New Castles from the Castle Design Contest! And much more! You can read all about the […]
Source: Rising Tide – World Wide Release
tnks this will help me!  :D
UO News / []No Quarter
« Last post by Spaz Ferret on March 18, 2019, 09:02:21 PM »
No Quarter

3/18/2019 The story continues in the lead up to Rising Tide and we invite you to sit back and enjoy, No Quarter. By EM Malachi The mage had surrounded himself with the maps. Some were ancient parchment, their mistakes and ignorance covered with drawings of dragons and drakes. Others were current shipping routes, still bearing the wax seal of Vesper Customs. The rest were faded or moldy sketches done by pirate captains over the years. Rankin frowned. “What am I supposed to be seeing?” “A new kingdom,” replied Hook, as he sharpened a knife. Rankin traced a circle around Buccaneer’s Den on […]
Source: No Quarter
UO News / []Rising Tide Release to Origin, Izumo, & Baja
« Last post by Spaz Ferret on March 18, 2019, 09:02:21 PM »
Rising Tide Release to Origin, Izumo, & Baja

3/12/2019 Greetings, Rising Tide will be deployed manually to Origin, Izumo, & Baja today.  Check out the latest publish notes for the full list of updates. Please note, until Rising Tide has been deployed world wide character transfers to/from other shards to/from Origin, Izumo, or Baja will be disabled. We are currently planning to deploy Rising Tide world wide on March 19, 2019.  We want to make a very special thank you to everyone who visited TC1 and provided feedback. See you on the High Seas, UO Team
Source: Rising Tide Release to Origin, Izumo, & Baja
How does the "weight offset" work?

It's auto-set at 61.  My lumberjack has 100 STR & can carry 450 stones.  He recalls home to unload with just around 325-330 stones.

What would I need to change it to to make him keep collecting up to nearer 400 stones?

Thanks for any help.

edit:  Nevermind, I figured it out.
New member introductions / Re: Hey Guys and Girls : D
« Last post by Crisis on March 18, 2019, 07:32:44 PM »
Welcome to SUO!
New member introductions / Re: Hello all
« Last post by gimlet on March 18, 2019, 07:14:59 PM »

A Warm Welcome!

Our only requirement to be part of this site is for new members to write a good and thoughfull introduction.

Before we will unrestrict you - you need to tell us a lot more!

Please greatly expand your introduction and tell us about yourself and your UO life.

Look at the sticked examples if you need insight.
I think you will find the effort required to write a four or five paragraphs will pay off with this community!

(Use a translator program if you feel you can not write in english.)

New member introductions / Hello all
« Last post by wildfirejuliet on March 18, 2019, 06:33:38 PM »
I am a returning player of one year, but played from 1998-2004.  I play on Atlantic and I'm looking to expand my gameplay as a guild leader by creating my own map server.
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