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Scripting Chat / Animal Lore Gump Killer?
« Last post by voodoo on December 11, 2018, 11:00:15 PM »
with the change in the animal gump last year when they put in custom training of your pet they also messed up the animal lore gump for using animal lore.
historically to train animal lore i would just get a bird and hide and then make a uoassist macro to lore the bird and pause for 1 second and loop it and let it run for a day till it hit 120.

but now you cant use the animal lore skill if the animal lore gump is open.

so i need to find a way to kill the animal lore gump after each attempt to use the animal lore skill.

so ive been mucking around with a script but i thought maybe i should ask here first to see if anyone has any better idea's on how to skin this cat?

so far im hereL

event macro 13 2
event macro 22
wait 30
event macro 31 0
wait 30

but it is choppy as heck and it wont run on my old computer only my new one.
and that kill gump event macro kills everything on screen, paperdoll, backpack, status bar, map ect ect.
i cant target the animal lore gump specifically.

anyone have any suggestions on how to make this run better?

im currently looking at adding in a sub to do a generic pet picking for like cows and gamins
set %initpet IG_NG_OH

then a use that pet sub
but its the killing of the gump that has me stumped.


Endless Nights' Script Library / Re: ENs - Character ToolBox (Multi Shard/Account)
« Last post by cybercasper on December 11, 2018, 06:24:24 PM »
good evening. what am i doing wrong it will not change the account name and i have downloaded the newest version and updated it with ghost info
Scripting Chat / Snippet to search for something and go to it?
« Last post by Crisis on December 09, 2018, 06:57:15 AM »
I am looking for a snippet or something that searches for something named and runs to it. If it picked the item up and put it in a backpack, that would be bonus.
Endless Nights' Script Library / Re: ENs - Character ToolBox (Multi Shard/Account)
« Last post by The Ghost on December 05, 2018, 02:18:59 PM »
Get your X-Mas gift token

; ** Setup  - Gump Values (Change After Every Patch)
;#CONTKIND/Gump Values for Client version (Patch unknown)
set %GumpMainMenu    CZTC      ; This is the login screen
set %GumpPasswordBox GNAB      ; This is the password box in Login Screen
Set %GumpWait        AMY      ; This is the wait gump before next screen
Set %gumpShardSelect GLTC     ; this is the shard select screen
set %GumpLogin       GNAB     ; this is the Character Selection Screen with NEW/DELETE Buttons
set %GumpNewChar     MGSC     ; this is the New Character Name and Clothing screen
set %GumpNewChar2    KBJC     ; this is the New Character Trade Selection screen
set %GumpNewCharMap  KBJC      ; this is the New Character Map starting location screen
set %GumpGeneric     WPLD     ; this is the Vet Reward/6 month stat increase gump/ town cryer/quest log
set %GumpYesNo       GTFC    ; this is the Logout - Okay Cancel gump
Gold Farming / Re: Crisis SOS Chest Fisher - Updated 6-19-13
« Last post by Crisis on November 26, 2018, 02:44:12 AM »
I use to be a crafter as well. I would use the gems for imbuing, the regs for inscription or alchemy, and the scrolls for spellbook filling where I would craft what the book didn't have with my all in one scribe script. Each person will use it differently, I just left it together for anyone that wanted to sort it. I am glad it is still working.  :D
Gold Farming / Re: Crisis SOS Chest Fisher - Updated 6-19-13
« Last post by Gemviper on November 26, 2018, 02:33:24 AM »
Just wanted to say that I used this and it works great still, right out of the box.

Is it worth sorting stuff though? It seems that cash to bank + chest and all contents to city cleanup trash container is the fastest way to handle them. You can wrangle a bit more gold out of them by sorting and moving stuff but I would argue that you'll make the same gold, or more, by spending that time with the hook in the water instead.

If you're working on clean up pts, what's the best item to sell for profit on OSI too? Dyes sell well but cost 250k pts, worth it?

Just trying to find the optimal was of being lazy, I mean, maximizing profit.

Character skill advancement / Re: Guadah's Multiskill Trainer
« Last post by lacidious on November 25, 2018, 11:44:46 PM »
Been playing UO since 98.  Always come back to this skill trainer ...appreciate it!
Character skill advancement / Re: Tana's Legendary Taming Mastery Trainer
« Last post by alibaba2018 on November 23, 2018, 09:40:45 AM »
ty very much ! :-*
Resource Farming / Re: Snow's Spined Leather Farmer
« Last post by mceyhans on November 17, 2018, 06:38:31 AM »
thnks for script
Crafting / Re: NObama BOD Sorter
« Last post by Crisis on November 16, 2018, 02:54:20 AM »
Post an introduction in our new member introduction and check and see  :P
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