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[]Saying Goodbye
« on: October 17, 2017, 04:01:16 PM »
Saying Goodbye

So it is with heavy hearts we are going to have to let Rebirthuo go. This whole 2017 year we have seen such little player base that it is no longer a viable shard for the foreseeable future.

We have made many strides and have brought alot of content to the server but still was unable to maintain a player base beyond a few players. Donation funded time ran out months ago and it costs well over $80/month just to maintain the shard and not do anything to improve it. We were never in it for the donations but they were a factor in keeping it alive.

This week we also lost another staff member who was crucial in our running of the server. TrailMyx is bowing out of the UO scene and at this juncture we do not blame him. He has been around for a long while and was a staple in the scripting community.

Another factor we considered was that UO is going F2P. We love UO and love OSI and that was a reason we built Rebirthuo to try to emulate OSI as close as possible. This also created many frustrations on our part and made it more difficult.

As of November 30 the server will be shut down. The forum will remain until the URL gives up as it will not be renewed.

I know many of you have put many hours into this game, but realize it was not more than Pure put into it. We are sad to see this come but we discussed it at length and feel this is best for everyone.
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