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New member introductions / Re: Back to UO
« Last post by gimlet on Today at 02:06:10 PM »

Thanks for your introduction, we hope you enjoy all the benefits of the site!

New member introductions / Re: Back to UO
« Last post by Crisis on Today at 12:35:33 PM »
Welcome to SUO!
New member introductions / Re: Back to UO
« Last post by Tidus on Today at 12:29:53 PM »
Excellent Introduction.  Welcome to the site.
New member introductions / Re: Back to UO
« Last post by drivebyed on Today at 08:46:42 AM »
TLDR is I played OSI for about 15 years mainly on Europa. Hung around vesper and minoc mostly and pvmed in a guild called DCi. I had many mates that faction mostly in guilds like 555.

When I started playing UO i was actually only about 13 years old - it was just after Second Age came out. I begged my mum to pay for it for me. It became an annual birthday present for the next decade or at least until I could pay for it myself. I dialled up my AOL account and logged in for the first time. I had no idea how anything worked and immediately tried to go kill a wolf.. which just about 2 shotted me. My first large goal was to get plate armor... you would be surprised at how long this took me. It seemed like 60 str  and the 1000 odd gold i needed to get a full set from a vendor would never happen. I used my bow crafting to make bows to sell to npc vendors to get the cash. I bought my plate armor and went to attack the timber wolf again. Immediately died!

Needless to say I started looking around for some help. I deleted that first char and created one based off one of my favourite books of the time, The Carpet People, and so Pismier was born. He actually took 50 points in two skills and was destined to be a tankmage. I remember killing things in the graveyard near Covetus and getting PKed for the first time. I got energy bolted for sooo much damage and thought 'Wow being able to cast that seems mad!'. Instead of working on my swords for my halberd I changed to my magery, slowly working it up by begging for regs in Vesper as well as buying a recall rune to shame lvl 5 earth elementals. There I would use fire fields and the lack of monster pathfinding of the time to kill them for reg money while spamming ebolt until i can actually do it. Life was a constant battle for reg money and running away from big pk parties, all ready to Explode, Ebolt hally whack me to death. I eventually got my Magery past 70 where i could start running mass escort missions and gating people for money. I joined a guild, Dci where i learned about the game. People kept telling me to get a GM weapon when I was looking for a Vanq silver hally, priceless at the time. I kept thinking ' How am I going to get a GM to make me a weapon.' Soon after I  discovered what the meant and with the guild we started moving into kill things in t2a. Ophdians were some of the hardest as well as visiting Ice dungeon. At the time I would go with our GM and his in game wife to the Ice deamon room. There they, both GM mages, could meteor swarm through a wall, a pretty common trick for killing big guys at the time, and i would sit there with them fizzling although occasionally getting a gain. The were nice enough to split the loot with me!

We are now a year or so into my UO addiction. I still didn't really understand the game but my character was tough enough to do a bit of pop if pks arrived and to do some hunting. I had a selection of good hunting runes, no rulebooks that were blessed then so they all lived in the bank box! My best mate in RL started playing and I introduced him to the guild. By this time I had amassed the 40k i needed to buy a small house, which I placed as there were still a fair amount of spots. I placed it in our guild village and while i was away at school or on holiday my guild mates would refresh it for me so it didn't fall down.

UO:R beckoned soon and with it it the Trammel Fel split. We as a guild very much stayed on the Fel side, intact we barely ever went into trammel. You could no longer recall into dungeons in Fel  (I think?) and taming became king. I started the very long path to gm taming, which took me to well past third dawn. True Black mares and pure white WW became my bread and butter as well as elder gazers. I got pretty rich, into the 100s of k then.

I really wanted to PvP but at this point I was still on dial up, with no sign of broadband. Eventually i went to Uni, after third dawn. (my anecdote about that being i had to use a 3dfx software spoof to even get the 3d client to run. You had to use the 3d client to get into Ish.) The bone wall for dexter training became rotting corpses being tanked by a unicorn. I went to uni and got 4mb broadband, vast for the time, and started pvping in a world where ping was king. Had a blast. It was around this time that a lot of my friends stopped playing. AoS came and changed the game forever. I liked a lot of what they did and I have played on and off again since. I came back a few years ago when they introduced the pet training, as by this time the majority of my UO time had been as a tamer. A tamer who had taken part in huge faction battles, soloed some of the toughest monsters in the game, spent hours in the doom gauntlet with the first true bosses since the champ spawns. Achieved Glorious lord - one of my very first ambitions in the game. And died at so many champ spawns i can't count. The giddyness of my first true Harrower summon with my Minax guild.

I made friends for life, as im sure all of you have, in this game - ive played almost a decade of World of Warcraft with some of them after a decade and a bit of UO. Im married now and thinking about kids so i don't get a lot of game time. I do however still dip in and out of UO, a guilty pleasure. I am now baffled by how complex it is, know no one that plays but sometimes like to start on a new shard from scratch and see what i can do. In some respects the empty servers reflect the old game i recognise - for instance i made enough to place a house on my new server, Atlantic this time this week. But then there are things i just get baffled by... Sampires, billions of gold, other races and imbuing to name a few!

Im currently scripting my way through making a Dragoon , intrigued on how much i can automate these days. I really want to see some of the new pvm content. PVP is way past me but if there is a guild on ATL that fancy a useless 35 year old im all ears. I hope this intro suffices!

New member introductions / Re: Back to UO
« Last post by gimlet on July 12, 2019, 07:43:15 AM »

A Warm Welcome!

Our only requirement to be part of this site is for new members to write a good and thoughfull introduction.

Before we will unrestrict you - you need to tell us a lot more!

Please greatly expand your introduction and tell us about yourself and your UO life.

Look at the sticked examples if you need insight.
I think you will find the effort required to write a four or five paragraphs will pay off with this community!

(Use a translator program if you feel you can not write in english.)
New member introductions / Back to UO
« Last post by drivebyed on July 12, 2019, 06:55:14 AM »
Hi All,

My name is drivebyed and i am back for my annually revisit to my teens to play some uo. I like to start on a new osi shard and build myself back up... Trying ATL this time!

See you in there

New member introductions / Re: hi guys)
« Last post by Crisis on July 08, 2019, 02:32:26 PM »
Welcome to SUO!
New member introductions / Re: hi guys)
« Last post by gimlet on July 08, 2019, 08:32:58 AM »

A Warm Welcome!

Thanks for your introduction - restricted status lifted - feel free to enjoy all the benefits of the site!

New member introductions / hi guys)
« Last post by revmn on July 08, 2019, 06:17:22 AM »
Hi guys, I am writing via Google translator so do not judge me. I decided to take up the game again after a six-month recess, I have been playing since the beginning of the 2000s, I started on freeshards, sphere servers. Starting in 2010 I play on Europe and the ranuo servers. I play for a month two with breaks up to half a year.
Europe is the most suitable server that has an acceptable ping. My ping is 200ms. With such a ping, unfortunately, only pvm is available.

I restored the account on your forum for information on the razor ench program, I consider it more stable than uosteam.

Well, in general, such a brief information about me and my ward purpose.
See you in the vast UO. :)
New member introductions / Re: New: Introduction
« Last post by MiaKai on July 06, 2019, 04:26:38 PM »
Thanks, Crisis!

 :-*  MiaKai
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