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UO Reference Information / Loot tables - updated
« on: June 13, 2019, 06:06:23 AM »
I've come across some updated information regarding UO loot tables - the original post here ( is a great resource and gives details on the various UO loot packs, but is pretty lacking in terms of modern content.

The table below is much more comprehensive. Unfortunately not 100% up to date, but seems to cover content up to stygian abyss.

Code: [Select]
NavreyNight-Eyes AosSUPER BOSS x9 (Abyss)Fame=30000
M.InterredGrizzle AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Malas)Fame=24000
Medusa AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Abyss)Fame=22000
Crimson Dragon AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Trammel)(Malas)Fame=20000
Lady Melisande AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame=18000
Dread Horn AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Ilshenar)Fame=11500
Travesty AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Tokuno)Fame= 8000
ShimeringEffusion AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame= 8000
Chief Paroxysmous AosSUPER BOSS x8 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame= 0
Meraktus AosSUPER BOSS x5 (Malas)Fame=70000
Slasher of Veils AosSUPER BOSS x4 + Gems x8 (Abyss)Fame=35000
Stygian Dragon AosSUPER BOSS x4 + Gems x8 (Abyss)Fame=15000
True harrower SUPER BOSS x2 + MEAGER (Felucca)Fame=22500
Daemon Knight SUPER BOSS x2 (Malas)Fame=28000
Usagrallem Ballem SUPER BOSS x2 + HighScrollsx8(Ter-Mur)Fame=28000

Lord Oaks ULTRA RICH x5 (Ilshenar)(Felucca)Fame=22500
Semidar ULTRA RICH x4 + FILTHY RICH (I)(F)Fame=24000
Serado ULTRA RICH x4 +FILTHY RICH+GEMSx6(T)Fame=22500
Rikktor ULTRA RICH x4 (Ilshenar)(Felucca)Fame=22500
Mephitis ULTRA RICH x4 (Ilshenar)(Felucca)Fame=22500
Abyssal Infernal ULTRA RICH x4 (Abyss)Fame=22500
Abscess ULTRA RICH x4 (Felucca)Fame= 0
RedDeath ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=28000
Wyvern Renowned ULTRA RICH x3 + Gems x5 (Abyss)Fame=24000
Putrefier ULTRA RICH x3 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame=24000
Primeval Lich ULTRA RICH x3 + MEAGER (Abyss)Fame=22500
Neira ULTRA RICH x3 + MEAGER (Felucca)Fame=22500
Barracoon ULTRA RICH x3 (Felucca)Fame=22500
Rend ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=21000
Pyre ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=21000
Virulent ULTRA RICH x3 (Ilshenar)Fame=21000
Malefic ULTRA RICH x3 (Ilshenar)Fame=21000
Master Theophilus ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=18000
Lady Jennifyr ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=18000
Lady Marai ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=18000
MasterJonath ULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame=18000
Coil ULTRA RICH x3 (Trammel)(Felucca)Fame= 9800
Tangle ULTRA RICH x3 (Trammel)(Felucca)Fame= 8000
Anlorvaglem ULTRA RICH x3 (Abyss)Fame= 8000
Hydra ULTRA RICH x3 (Trammel)(Felucca)Fame= 0
Reptalon AosULTRA RICH x3 (Malas)Fame= 0
Twaulo ULTRA RICH x2+AVERAGE+GEMS(Ilshenar)Fame=50000
Abysmal horror ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=26000
AbyssalAbominationULTRA RICH x2 (Felucca)Fame=26000
Shadow knight ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=25000
Unfrozen Mummy ULTRA RICH x2 + Parrot (T)(F)Fame=25000
Impaler ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=24000
Fleshrenderer ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=23000
Darknight creeper ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=22000
Miasma ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=21000
Irk ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=21000
Spite ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=21000
Guile ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=21000
Silvani ULTRA RICH x2 (Felucca)(Ilshenar)Fame=20000
LadySabrix ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=18900
LadyLissith ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=18900
Silk ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=18900
Swoop ULTRA RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=18000
Master Mikael ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=18000
Sir Patrick ULTRA RICH x2 (Malas)Fame=18000
Crystal Hydra ULTRA RICH x2 (Trammel)(Felucca)Fame=17000
Lurg ULTRA RICH x2 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame=10000
Saliva ULTRA RICH x2 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame= 2500
Yamandon ULTRA RICH + FILTHY RICHx2+GEMSx6(T)Fame=22000

TormentedMinotaur FILTHY RICH x10[28 M.Items] (Malas)Fame=20000
IlhenirTheStained FILTHY RICH x8 +Grizzled+Crimson (M)Fame=50000
Bone daemon FILTHY RICH x8 (Malas)Fame=20000
BlackOrder Master AosFILTHY RICH x6 (Tokuno)Fame=25000
B.O.H.Executioner AosFILTHY RICH x6 (Tokuno)Fame=25000
B.Order GrandMage AosFILTHY RICH x6 (Tokuno)Fame=25000
Niporailem AosFILTHY RICH x6 (Abyss)Fame=15000
Leviathan FILTHY RICH x5 (T)(F)(T)(I)(M)Fame=24000
CuSidhe AosFILTHY RICH x5 (Ilshenar)Fame= 5000
PutridUndGargoyle AosFILTHY RICH x5+MedScrolls+Gems(A)Fame= 3500
BulbPutrification AosFILTHY RICH x5 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame= 0
Skeletal dragon FILTHY RICH x4 + Gems x5 (I)(M)Fame=22500
GreaterDragon FILTHY RICH x4 + Gems x8 (I)(F)Fame=22000
Crystal L.Seeker FILTHY RICH x4 + Gems + Parrot(T)(F)Fame=17000
BlackOrderAssasin AosFILTHY RICH x4 (Tokuno)Fame=13000
Black Order Thief AosFILTHY RICH x4 (Tokuno)Fame=13000
Black Order Mage AosFILTHY RICH x4 (Tokuno)Fame=13000
Thrasher FILTHY RICH x4 (Trammel)(Felucca)Fame= 840
Ancient Lich FILTHY RICH x3 + Med Scrolls x2 (F)Fame=23000
Shadow Wyrm FILTHY RICH x3 + Gems x5 (Felucca)Fame=22500
Ancient Wyrm FILTHY RICH x3 + Gems x5 (Felucca)Fame=22500
Hiryu FILTHY RICH x3 + Gems x4 (Tokuno)Fame=18000
Grim FILTHY RICH x3+Med/HighScrollsx2 (M)Fame=17500
Crystal Daemon FILTHY RICH x3 (Felucca)Fame=15000
Yomotsu Elder FILTHY RICH x3 + Gems x2 (Tokuno)Fame=12000
Oni FILTHY RICH x3 (Tokuno)Fame=12000
PutridUndGuardian AosFILTHY RICH x3 (Abyss)Fame= 3000
Undead Guardian AosFILTHY RICH x3 (Abyss)Fame= 0
Balron Daemon FILTHY RICH x2 +RICH+MedScrollsx2(F)Fame=24000
White Wyrm FILTHY RICH x2 + AVERAGE + Gems (F)Fame=18000
Succubus FILTHY RICH x2 + Med Scrollsx2(I)(F)Fame=24000
Sphinx FILTHY RICH x2 + Med Scrollsx2(F)(T)Fame=15000
Meer Eternal FILTHY RICH x2+Med/High Scrollsx2(I)Fame=18000
Gnaw FILTHY RICH x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=17500
Crystal Vortex FILTHY RICH x2 + Parrot (Felucca)Fame=17000
Serpentine Dragon FILTHY RICH x2 + Gems x2 (Ilshenar)Fame=15000
Dragon FILTHY RICH x2 + Gems x8 (Ilshenar)Fame=15000
HarrowerTentacles FILTHY RICH x2+Med/HighScrollsx3(F.)Fame=15000
Rune Beetle FILTHY RICH x2+MedScrolls x1(Tokuno)Fame=15000
Khaldun Knight FILTHY RICH x2 (Felucca)Fame=10000
Khaldun Summoner FILTHY RICH x2 (Felucca)Fame=10000
Devourer Renowned FILTHY RICH x2 (Abyss)Fame= 9500
Devourer of Soul FILTHY RICH x2 (Malas)Fame= 9500
Rotting Corpse FILTHY RICH x2 (T)(F)(T)(I)(M)Fame= 6000
Grobu FILTHY RICH x2 (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame= 1000
Vorpal Bunny FILTHY RICH + RICH x2(T)(F)(T)(I)(M)Fame= 1000
Orc Brute FILTHY RICH + RICH (Felucca)Fame=15000
Phoenix FILTHY RICH + RICH (Ilshenar)Fame=15000
Betrayer FILTHY RICH + RICH + Gems (Ilshenar)Fame=15000
Lady Of The Snow FILTHY RICH + RICH (Tokuno)Fame=15200
Arctic Ogre Lord FILTHY RICH + RICH (Felucca)Fame=15000
Blood Elemental FILTHY RICH + RICH (Felucca)Fame=12500
Poison Elemental FILTHY RICH+RICH+Med Scrollsx2(I)(F)Fame=12500
Corporeal Brume FILTHY RICH + RICH (Felucca)Fame=12000
Fan Dancer FILTHY RICH + RICH + Gems x2(Tokuno)Fame= 9000
Yomotsu Priest FILTHY RICH + RICH + Gems x4(Tokuno)Fame= 9000
Elite Ninja FILTHY RICH + RICH + Gems x2(Tokuno)Fame= 8500
Ronin FILTHY RICH + RICH + Gems x2(Tokuno)Fame= 8500
Bake Kitsune FILTHY RICH + RICH + MedScrollsx2(T)Fame= 8000
Mantra Efferv.nce FILTHY RICH + RICH (Felucca)Fame= 6500
Ice Fiend FILTHY RICH +AVERAGE+MedScrollsx2(F)Fame=18000
Titan FILTHY RICH + AVERAGE (Felucca)Fame=11500
Executioner FILTHY RICH + MEAGER (Felucca)Fame= 5000
Plague Beast FILTHY RICH + Gems //TODO: Dungeon Chest + Healthy gland (Felucca)Fame=13000
Satyr MlRICH + Med Scrolls x2 (F)(T)(I)Fame=15000
Fairy Dragon RICH + MedScrolls, 2) (Abyss)Fame=15000
Feral Treefellow AVERAGE + //UNKNOWN (Ilshenar)Fame=12500
Plague Beast Lord ??? (I)(F)Fame= 2000
Szavetra N.D. (Felucca)(Trammel)Fame=24000
RagingGrizzlyBear N.D. (Ilshenar)Fame=10000
Chiikkaha N.D. (Felucca)Fame= 7500
Moug Guur N.D. (Felucca)Fame= 3000
EnragedCreature ??? Fame= ???

Code: [Select]
Item Type Possibility Min Intensity Max Intensity Max Properties Amount
gold            100%      
Slayer        0.02%       1
Magic Item  0.02%        0%            90%            5                1
gold            100%       23-50
Slayer        0.10%       1
Magic Item  1.00%        0% 10% 2 1
Magic Item  0.20%        0% 90% 5 1
gold            100%       55-100
Slayer        0.40%     1
Magic Item  5.00%        0% 20% 4 1
Magic Item  2.00%        0% 50% 3 1
Magic Item  0.50%        0% 90% 5 1
gold            100%       160-250
Slayer        1%     1
Magic Item  20%            0% 40% 4 1
Magic Item  10%            0% 60% 5 1
Magic Item  1%            0% 90% 5 1
gold            100%       202-400
Slayer        2%       1
Magic Item  33%            0% 50% 4 1
Magic Item  33%            0% 60% 4 1
Magic Item  20%            0% 75% 5 1
Magic Item  5%            0% 100% 5 1
gold            100%       505-1000
Slayer        2%       1
Magic Item  100%          25% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100%          25% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100%          25% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100%          25% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100%          25% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100%          35% 100% 5 1
gold            100%       505-1000
Slayer        2%       1
Magic Item  100%          25% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100%          25% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100%          25% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100%          25% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100%          33% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100% 33% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100% 33% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100% 33% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100% 50% 100% 5 1
Magic Item  100% 50% 100% 5 1

Hi everyone!

As the topic states, i returned to UO a month and a half or so ago after being inactive for 13 years. I was feeling a bit nostalgic for the game and got to wondering if it was still even a thing, did a quick google search, and saw it'd recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. I figured i'd throw a month subscription on my main account and see how things were these days - turns out i'm hooked again.

I play the Lake Superior shard exclusively, and though a lot has changed and there's a LOT of new content to catch up on, the game still feels like 'home' to me. My first hurdle seems to be modernizing my templates - i dont have as much time to spend building skills as i did over a decade ago *and* im in the IT field, so scripting seemed like a no brainer. Why spend my time grinding repetitive tasks instead of actually enjoying the game? I stumbled across this site, and it seems like a really great resource, both for scripting and for knowledgeable players. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute as well as borrow once I'm up to speed on everything.

As far as my in-game activities go, my favorite character to play has always been pure mage. My main is still a scribe mage, and is probably the one character i dont plan on making any changes to. Since i've been back, i've been playing my tamer a lot though, and i have to say with all the new pet changes, i'm really enjoying it. I also started to build a Sampire, but without the right suit I havent gotten much use out of it.  I'll probably start to build up a character or two on Atlantic, as it seems like some sort of presence there is pretty much mandatory these days if you intend on doing any shopping. I couldnt even find a regular forge to buy on LS - i had to chop wood and GM carpentry just to get a simple 2k gold forge lmao. I used to be pretty big into PvP, but it seems i have a lot of work and research to do before I can expect to be competitive there again.

Funny enough, looking around the boards here, i think i recognize a name or two from my old playing days. Paulonius - did you play LS 15 years ago or so?

Thanks everyone for your consideration, and looking forward to becoming a member of the community.

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