Author Topic: How do I jailbreak Iphone  (Read 764 times)

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How do I jailbreak Iphone
« on: February 10, 2017, 06:25:22 AM »
So here I am. Im sitting in a 255 dollar hotel room. your probably saying well thats a nice hotel. well yes it is but then comes the internet and the reason i would like to know if anyone knows how to jailbreak and iphone. the internet with a speed test is pinging 500 .25 mb download and .10 upload. pretty ridiculas if you ask me. I have mentioned it to the staff and manager and they havent done anything about it. Now if i wasnt on government orders and have to stay here i would be going to a different hotel. So i know with the android phone i could use pdanet but with the stupid iphone it seems it must be jailbroke. does anyone out there know how to do this. I have watched the youtube videos and such but doesnt seem right to me i rather take the word from someone that has done it and didnt just download a few apps and turn your phone off. i have the iphone 6s plus and on ios 10.2.1. if i have to down grade to 10.2 can someone also explain that to me. well thank you in advance.

ps. lte on phone was ping 45 download 6mb and upload 6 mb. this is the only reason i want to give it a try so i can use the tether aspect.