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« on: August 06, 2011, 05:31:35 AM »
Vodka without beer - money down the drain or our response to  "October fest".

"Ruff" - an alcoholic drink. Most often, the word "ruff" is understood a mixture of vodka and beer.

Classic - Take a mug of beer with high-quality dense pronounced hop flavor, which is required for the "mute" the vodka taste and smell, and to him (in that order!) Topped 30-60 ml of good vodka.

"Going up and down" or "The Way of the brown bear to white and back again" -
Take a mug of dark beer. Take a sip of, and fill the mug with vodka. Then take another sip, and pour vodka and so on. When the circle will clear the mixture begin to fill up the beer and then sip a sip.
Such a "ruff" is not only dangerous to health, but it is also hard to drink. Only few return to the brown bear.

"Chpok" -
Has a pronounced warming effect.
In 200ml faceted glass filled with one hundred grams of "Zhiguli"--popular russian beer. Next, carefully poured into a hundred grams of vodka. On top of the glass is covered tightly with a hand, and strike a good bottom of the table. The resulting homogeneous (beer + vodka + gas bubbles), you should drink this mixture in one gulp..
Named for a sound that is heard at impact.

"A blow to the teeth" -
In half-liter beer glass carefully placed glass of vodka, then slowly pour the beer (if you use a dark beer, then the effect will be even more surprising). You need to drink this cocktail in one gulp. "Punch line" of this cocktail is that the drinker does not see a glass of vodka on the bottom of the glass and quietly drinking a beer. When it finishes before the end, a shot in the literal sense of beating on the teeth.

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